GrabFood app to be integrated in its main Grab app


Grab Malaysia will integrate its food delivery service GrabFood into its main app beginning today, in a move to provide a more convenient and smoother experience for all its partners.

The giant e-hailing firm said of all its marketing channels, only Singapore and Malaysia had two separate apps when they were launched a year ago as they needed a different level of integration and trial separately.

Grab Malaysia country head Sean Goh (picture) said the firm wants to have seamless process for both merchants and riders with the integration into one application.

Goh told The Malaysian Reserve (TMR) the integration of both apps was piloted in Melaka for about a week which was met with positive responses.

“Melaka served as a pilot for the entire country, to ensure the app was working fine with merchants and delivery partners on the ground,” he said.

“We have about 5,000 riders now and we will add more as merchants increase. We also look at how much they are earning so it is a balancing act between the demand and number of riders we have,” Goh added.

According to Goh, merchant partners have seen an up to 20% increase in revenue since collaborating with Grab.

“We do expect contributions to merchants to double this year and continue to grow,” Goh said.

He said GrabFood is currently a smaller business in terms of overall revenue contribution but it is expected to be one of the core pillars for the e-hailing company.

Moving forward, Goh said the business will focus on expansion plans in the country.

“We will expand into different cities and we are currently studying which cities to go into including certain areas as well.

For instance, the Klang Valley is huge and we are not in all areas so we will be looking at that. Secondly, we look for the expansion of food brands and different categories to provide different types of food, beverages and desserts,” he explained.

Starting from April 22, 2019, Grab will expand its food delivery service to other cities, namely Penang, Melaka, Johor Baru, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.

“The migration and expansion to other cities should be completed by mid May and customers can look forward to improvements. We welcome feedback and suggestions from our customers especially in these five new cities,” Goh said.

Grab has also introduced a Grab Food Subscription Pass for frequent orderer to enable savings monthly.

“These are innovations to help grow the business and will help us serve the people better,” Goh said.

Separately, Goh told TMR that the company expects to meet the July 12 deadline for its drivers to obtain the Public Service Vehicle licence.

“We are hopeful of meeting the deadline, but there is a need for a bigger push to get past the current hurdles the industry is facing,” he said.

Goh explained that one way of doing this, is to move to a digital training method for its drivers.

“Digital training is a clear opportunity to unblock the bottleneck right now, and not just in terms of coping with volume but it also saves money and time for our drivers,” Goh added.