Huawei’s commitment in Malaysia offers job opportunities to locals

Commitment is evident with many agreements made between the tech giant and the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia


The continuous investment and commitment from Huawei Technologies Co Ltd in Malaysia offers longterm benefits in terms of employment to locals, said Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Dr Ong Kian Ming (picture).

The commitment is evident with many agreements signed between the tech giant and the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia, and we are conducting due diligence in addressing security concerns from the operations, said Ong. However, he said the firm’s continuous investment in the country signals a long-term strategic partnership and commitment with Malaysia, enabling more employment opportunities for the locals.

“I think the fact that Malaysian telecommunication companies have signed agreements with Huawei to roll out and plan for 5Gs is a good sign.

“From my ministry’s perspective, Huawei’s continuous investment in Malaysia provides good quality jobs to Malaysians,” Ong said at the Huawei Global Training Centre in Cyberjaya yesterday.

“It is a good long-term benefit to the country as it shows a strong and strategic partnership that we have with Huawei,” he added.

Commenting on concerns of Huawei’s operations and breach of security, Ong said the Communications and Multimedia Ministry is conducting due diligence on the matter.

Huawei is currently under scrutiny as the company has been accused of using technology and back-door channels to provide information for the Chinese government, garnered through its users and telecommunications networks.

Previously, Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo said he had tasked Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission and the National Cyber Security Agency to study the Chinese telecommunications giant’s alleged involvement in espionage activities.

He added that the government will continue the planning for the 5G networks in Malaysia after its agencies have completed their investigations on the matter.

On the revised East Coast Rail Link contract signed by Malaysia and China, it will facilitate the flow of China-backed investment into the country, Ong said, and the new agreement will not just save cost, but it will also secure investment’s commitment from other Chinese firms.

“China Communications Construction Co Ltd will not just come to build infrastructure for the project, but spur other Chinese companies to come into Malaysia,” he explained.

Ong also said Malaysian construction players will receive equal opportunities in the infrastructure project’s supply chain.

“I’m confident there would be some sort of qualification of specification about the amount of the local contents for this project.

“This is part and parcel of a winwin situation, not just for our government and the Chinese contractors, but for the local construction companies who have the opportunity to benefit from this contract,” he said.