Aliran Ihsan, Ayamas unveil world’s 1st halal-compliant water recycling plant

This effort has been identified as being in line with the govt’s recommendation in achieving the country’s SDGs, say MMC and QSR


MMC Corp Bhd and QSR Brands (M) Holdings Bhd’s wholly owned subsidiaries, Aliran Ihsan Resources Bhd and Ayamas Food Corp Sdn Bhd respectively, unveiled the world’s first halal-compliant water recycling plant in poultry processing at the Malaysia Internat ional Halal Showcase (MIHAS) 2019 last week.

In a joint statement yesterday, the companies said the plant has drawn special attention from guests at the four-day event, held from April 3 to 6, under the High Technology (HiTeC) exhibition.

“This collaboration between Aliran Ihsan and Ayamas Food has set up a new trend in sustainable development efforts — where dependency on water supply is reduced, while minimising the effluent discharge into the environment.

“This effort has been identified as being in line with the government’s recommendation in achieving the country’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” the companies said.

Both parties said the showcase was intended to educate, share and explain about the successful wastewater treatment plant upgrading works and recycl ing plant at Ayamas Food’s plant in Port Klang, Selangor.

“The project was implemented to cater to the expansion of Ayamas Food’s poultry processing plant which has directly increased the capacity of the plant’s daily wastewater from 2,000 cu m to 3,000 cu m,” they said.

The companies added that the treatment plant was retrofitted with membrane application, a membrane bio-reactor technology, which would enable the plant to treat more wastewater, while maintaining the similar footprint area.

“The membrane application also employs a state-of-the-art filtration with pore sizes down to 0.02 micron.

“Treating the wastewater with the membrane bio-reactor allows a higher quality of effluent discharge into the environment and is in compliance with the Department of Health’s Standard B,” they said.

Ayamas Food and Aliran Ihsan said the impressive fast-track project was completed within eight months.

“Aside from achieving its objective, the project has also introduced a value- added, green initiative element by installing a polishing system that channels recycled water for non-potable usage around the plant,” the companies said.

The plant is able to treat 1,300 cu m of effluence in a day using the polishing system.

The treated water is distributed around the factory for non-potable purposes such as washing trucks and floors, gardening and facility landscaping, as well as flushing water in washrooms.