Unifi launches 1st TDD pre-5G wireless technology


Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) introduces the country’s first pre-5G wireless technology to provide alternative solution especially in areas with low-fixed broadband penetration.

Unifi acting executive VP Moharmustaqeem Mohammed said the pre-5G via time division duplex (TDD) technology, which started in the fourth quarter of last year, has already entered its commercial phase at SetiaWalk Puchong consisting of residential blocks, malls and offices.

“We are happy to say the TDD pre-5G network can deliver larger capacity at about 500Mbps, which is two times more than the existing 4G technology.

“It gives us a step forward in providing a better service and experience to our customers in the wireless segment,” he told the media at a briefing in Puchong yesterday.

“This project will also address many ongoing infrastructure challenges in areas without fibre coverage, offering speed upgrades of up to 30Mbps via wireless broadband, and peak throughput may go up to 80Mbps,” he said.

Moharmustaqeem added that the technology is set to improve unifi’s wireless connectivity services, especially for high-rise buildings and dense residential areas, allowing for wireless Internet access sharing at home and on-the-go within long-term evolution coverage areas.

“Not only that, our new TDD pre-5G capability will enable us to bypass wiring limitations in areas we previously could not penetrate.”

This technology also brings us one step closer to the country’s 5G milestone.

Moharmustaqeem also said unifi’s pre-5G technology will also improve the users’ mobile experience.

“With just some enhancements to the technology, we are now ready to commercially power the nation with 5G via unifi,” he said.

“We see this as a huge step for Malaysia’s telecommunications industry and we look forward to working together with our peers to develop the best technology that can be deployed in every part of the country, be it urban cities, high density residential areas or rural villages.”

To date, 929,000 unifi customers have been upgraded to ten times their speed of which they originally subscribed to.

According to Moharmustaqeem, almost 80% of its customers within the unifi fibre coverage areas have been upgraded to the unifi service at no additional charge, while 90% of its Streamyx customers outside of fibre areas have seen their speed being increased since the company’s first briefing in January this year.

Meanwhile, commenting on the revised Mandatory Standard on Access Pricing (MSAP), Moharmustaqeem said the ongoing discussions between industry players and regulators are going well.

“What is most important is that we actually work as an industry in order for us to deliver the best Internet penetration, the best Internet quality to the customers.

“So, MSAP is one of those business drivers we will necessarily have to consider. But (whether) is it a challenge, is it a hurdle at this point in time? As far as conversations are concerned with the regulators, with our industry partners and so on, I think it is going smoothly,” he said.