Grab to charge RM3 to RM5 penalty fee

Any passenger who cancels their booking after 5 minutes or does not show up for their booking will be charged accordingly


Grab Malaysia will be charging a cancellation fee on passengers who cancel or do not show up for their ride beginning the end of March.

According to its updated Passenger Cancellation Policy, any passenger who cancels their booking after five minutes or does not show up for their booking will be charged between RM3 to RM5, depending on the service they booked for.

GrabCar, GrabCar Plus, GrabShare and JustGrab will receive a compensation of RM3 under these circumstances, while a six-seater GrabCar driver will receive RM4 and services like GrabCar Premium or Luxe will receive RM5.

The fee will be added to the driver-partner’s cash wallet, but any compensation will not be eligible on the “off-chance” where the driver-partner did not move towards the passenger or took too long to arrive.

The collection of the passenger penalty fee will be done by the next driver-partner the passenger books, and once collected into the credit wallet, Grab Malaysia will deduct the same amount.

According to Grab Malaysia, jobs with passenger penalty will not affect the driver rating.

The feature will be implemented on March 25 within the Klang Valley and March 27 in other cities.

Commenting on this, Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Kamarudin Jaffar said the government will not interfere immediately with Grab Malaysia’s technical business decision, although e-hailing operations are being strictly regulated.

“We will see how it goes, if the terms that they impose on passengers are unrealistic or unfair, they will lose business and that is for them to consider,” he said at the Maritime Safety Seminar yesterday.

He added that if the decision violates the terms and conditions, the government will take immediate action.

“But whether it violates or not, I have to check first. Otherwise, it is a business decision of theirs,” he said.

Meanwhile, Grab Financial Group announced its “Grow with Grab” roadmap, which includes small and medium enterprise (SME) lending, new features of GrabPay and micro-insurance for Singapore drivers.

Grab Financial senior MD Reuben Lai said the company is doubling down on its financial services offerings for micro-entrepreneurs with the roadmap.

“This is a huge untapped opportunity for Grab Financial to support the region’s entrepreneurs who are less able to access traditional financial institutions.

“While SMEs contribute more than 50% of Asean’s GDP, two-thirds of SMEs cite business funding and financing as their biggest problem,” he said.