MPH Bookstores rolls out initiative to support MoE’s reading campaign


MPH Bookstores Sdn Bhd has embarked on an initiative to promote the 10-year-long National Reading Decade Campaign mooted by the Ministry of Education (MoE).

Its COO Donald Kee said the company organised a reading session at its premises in Nu Sentral shopping mall last Friday as part of its efforts to inculcate reading culture among children.

“While gadgets are very helpful in education due to the interactivity and fast response time, it is important to ensure that children also read to exercise their brains and ability to imagine,” he told The Malaysian Reserve after the in-store event involving pupils from SK Brickfields 1.

The book reading session was conducted by the author of “The Fishermen’s Quarrel — A Thai Folk Tale”, Teoh Choon Ean, who also encouraged the children to get involved in a brain simulation game by learning new vocabulary.

Kee added that the first phase of the initiative was rolled out only within two weeks after having discussions with staff from the ministry.

“Our first phase is to create awareness for the campaign, while the second one is to entice students and parents to read more,” he said.

For the first phase, the company plans to create awareness of the campaign via online and offline methods through in-store buntings, posters, social media postings, electronic direct mailings, digital banners and in-store events.

Kee said it is important to inculcate reading culture among the children and youth as they are more likely to maintain the habit as they grow up.

“We can’t really do much for adults who used to read or don’t read, but we hope that they will keep reading as a habit.

“As for adults, there are too many factors that serve as a hindrance. As such, they have less time to read. At least, we can do this much for children,” he added.

The campaign, dubbed “Kempen Dekad Membaca Kebangsaan 2020- 2030”, is an initiative by the MoE to inculcate a healthy reading culture in the nation, as it is believed to be the drive for a high-literacy nation.