Proton X70 owners embark on road trip to China


A group of Proton X70 owners has embarked on a 13,000km road trip from Malaysia to China called the Malaysia-China Amazing Trip.

The trip, organised by the Borneo Leisure Touring Team, would be a 33-day odyssey across four countries — namely Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and China.

Since Day 1 of the journey, the team has crossed over to Hat Yai, Thailand, passing through Hua Hin, Tak, to Chiang Kong and is now crossing into China.

The journey has been smooth, with the fleet of Proton X70s navigating through challenging landscapes, uphill roads and cruising through foreign soil with ease.

On Day 1, the participants drove from Malaysia to Hat Yai — its distance spanning across 540km — for 12 hours.

The journey was congested with traffic on the way up north, and the group paid a visit to Proton Holdings Bhd’s Juru Autocity for a quick vehicle inspection before heading to the Road Transport Department Malaysia office in Seberang Jaya, Penang, to apply for permits to enter Thailand.

Day 2 followed with a trip from Hat Yai to Hua Hin, spanning 740km and noted as “one of the longest legs of the trip”.

The group maintained a cruising speed of between 90kph to 120kph throughout the Thai roads, while they also enjoyed the car’s comfortable cabin and ride.

The road noise was minimised and the car’s suspension had also absorbed the inconsistencies of the road surface until the group arrived at Hua Hin, which bustled with street life, as well as relics from its history and beaches.

Following the long road to Hua Hin, the group headed to Tak on a 619km trip, a capital city of the Tak province which shares a long border with Myanmar.

The car’s 1.8 TGDI engine used its torque to overtake slower moving traffic during the journey past small towns along the route, and its Auto Hold function made stop lights and traffic jams painless for the group.

Day 4 recorded 10 hours on the 580km trip to Chiang Khong, whereby the group stopped by the infamous Magic Hill on Highway 105.

Following the stop, the group proceeded to Chiang Khong to put up for the night facing the Mekong River and Laos.

The group crossed the Friendship Bridge to Laos on Day 5, and arrived in Mengla, adding 430km more to the
Proton X70’s mileage.

The fifth day took the group across three different countries, from Thailand, to Laos and into China — and physically driving to borders marked the experience.

The capital of Lao province of Bokeo is Ban Houayxay, which is on the border with Thailand.

It lies on the Mekong River, opposite of Chiang Khong with the Fourth Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge in Ban Houayxay, now the northernmost border between the two countries and also leading into Asian Highway 3.

The highway runs through Ban Houayxay and extends north into the Yunnan province in China.

With the group having marked their arrival at the order to China on the fifth day, more adventure awaits them in the remaining 28 days.