Iriz gets another facelift and more

The hatchback is now enjoying the technological advantages provided by partner Geely


THE Proton Iriz has gotten yet another facelift — its third within five years since the model was introduced in 2014.

The hatchback, considered as Proton Holdings Bhd’s answer to competitor Perodua Myvi within the B-segment class, is now enjoying the technological advantages provided by the company’s partner Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co Ltd.

The last refinement that Iriz went through was in 2017, which involved the improvements of its engine performance, pick up and lower cabin noise.

Hazrin says this time around, the Iriz  underwent a thorough audit process, namely the GCPA, a system that is also used by Volvo

Proton director of group engineering Hazrin Fazail Haroon said this time around, the Iriz underwent a thorough audit process, namely the Global Customer Product Audit (GCPA), a system that is widely used by Geely.

The audit resulted in the decision to revise more than 350 Iriz components to ensure the improvement of the car’s overall quality.

“People always question Proton’s quality. But everyone can rest assured that now, our products would have to go through the stringent GCPA — a system that is also used by the Volvo Group.

“This mechanism has been transferred to Geely previously, and now used by Proton. The system would assure that Proton would boast of quality products in the future,” he said at the Proton Iriz unveiling in Shah Alam yesterday.

The GCPA is an audit system that rates issues encountered on the production line based on severity, and would push the reliability of the products according to international standards.

Hazrin said when Proton started to use the GCPA method last year, its products had been rated as high as 8,000 demerit points — illustrating the bad shape of the brand’s overall quality.

Comparatively, Geely and Volvo only scored an average of 1,000 and 800 demerit points respectively.

“The process has allowed Proton to bring the demerit points down to as low as 1,500 for our models. Moving forward, we have divided the GCPA into three areas: Design, parts quality, as well as manufacturing aspects,” he said.

As for the latest Iriz incarnation, Hazrin said about 367 items were improved along with the model’s production line that incorporates the GCPA rating; brake system performance, fuel consumption; as well as noise, vibration and harshness refinements.

“The 367 items that we have decided to change and refine had to be returned to the vendors. This would ensure that the quality level and accuracy of the components would meet all the required specifications,” he added.

The “new” Iriz is expected to be launched this month. It is also now equipped with voice command control — similar to what has been embedded into the Proton SUV X70 model.

The voice command control function for the Iriz, however, only comprises navigation and music streaming.

The latest Iriz, expected to be sold in five variants with five colours, is open for booking from today.

Customers can make a reservation at only RM9.90 via the online booking platform, as part of the company’s promotional activity. The promotion lasts until March 11, 2019.

Meanwhile, Proton marketing director Cheng Seng Fook said the company has so far delivered 1,000 units of the X70 to customers.

Overall, the company has also sold 7,007 units of cars in January 2019, a 46.5% growth compared to the same period last year, attributed to the 2,777 units of the X70 registered during the month.