Staying connected with Proton X70

Abd Aziz of Maybank is among thousands who put their trust in the brand, despite not having experienced a test drive

“HI PROTON, please play Billie Jean by Michael Jackson.” And just like that, the song came on blasting through all nine speakers and a subwoofer from the in-built surround sound system — a feature Abd Aziz Atan (picture), a lean coach from Malayan Banking Bhd (Maybank), really enjoys.

Being the music fan that he is, the endless collection of songs he can listen to makes the infamous Kuala Lumpur (KL) traffic jam bearable.

Abd Aziz was in the middle of purchasing an SUV for himself and his family when national carmaker Proton Holdings Bhd opened its order book for the Proton X70 in September 2018.

According to Abd Aziz, the in-car entertainment system is his kryptonite

Furthermore, 10,000 units were booked before the official launch, which is a testament to the success of the new partnership between Proton and Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co Ltd.

Attracted to the SUV’s sleek exterior design, Abd Aziz was one of thousands who put their trust in the brand, despite not having experienced a test drive.

Proud over his selection of the colour red, Abd Aziz delightedly said: “I chose the colour because it is only available for the Premium model, and moreover, Tun Dr Mahathir (Mohamad’s) Proton X70 is in the same colour!”

This would not be Abd Aziz’s first national car as he recalls driving a light blue Proton Saga 1.5i in the 90s, and then the ever popular Proton Wira a few years later.

Subsequently, he drove a number of continental Japanese and Korean cars before owning his new Proton SUV.

During a recent drive to Kuantan to send his daughter back to boarding school, Abd Aziz discovered the excellent stability and grip the X70 offers, while going through various road conditions, driving through hilly terrain and the Karak Highway.

He also mentioned how impressed he was with the safety features of the car — for instance, the Autonomous Emergency Braking system that will brake automatically to avoid a potential collision.

Additionally, there is also the Lane Departure Warning feature that will alert the driver if the vehicle drifts out of its lane unintentionally.

Abd Aziz said the X70 is comfortable for his family of five, adding that it is a good car for long distance driving, as well as city driving.

Of course, the most talked about feature of the Proton X70 is the GKUI system that can control the climate control system, navigation and even mechanical components like the power windows via voice command.

Simply by saying “Hi Proton” and then mentioning the task, it will automatically do the job, letting the driver keep both hands on the wheel.

Upon purchasing his X70, Abd Aziz was introduced to an app called Proton Link.

It tracks useful data like fuel consumption, distance travelled and journey time of his SUV, while also tracking his car service intervals.

Overall, Abd Aziz said he is very happy with his decision to buy “this value-for-money car”, adding that it offers a comprehensive suite of convenience features married to superior performance, world-class safety features and intuitive connectivity technology.

But pressed on what he is most happy about, he concedes the incar entertainment system is his kryptonite.

“I can now enjoy listening to Peter Cetera when I get stuck in traffic and I don’t even have to press a button,” he gleams.

That’s an excellent reason for a music lover to get the Proton X70 and as KL’s infamous traffic jams don’t seem to be abating, any little bit of refuge is welcome.