Need a private party room at a fancy restaurant?

Where to book that next big birthday dinner in London and New York

By Peter Elliot / BLOOMBERG

Tastes in private rooms are changing. Corporate affairs larger than four people tended to serve up chicken, fish or beef in sterile rooms. But cultivated palates are demanding more.

It also happens that sometimes it’s easier to get the private table at a restaurant than it is to get a smaller table during prime time. The key is options.

Corporate diners want to be able to make changes, have it feel less like a wedding and more intimate, hence the success of the new Four Seasons in New York City and Brigadiers in London.

London has one extra benefit in the profusion of private clubs like the Devonshire Club and the Ned, which have excellent rooms, but you do have to be, or know, a member.

Brigadiers: An Indian extravaganza with multiple options that include a DIY whiskey machine.

The Pot Luck Room at Brigadiers

The Marksman: Think upscale, modern pub meets of-the-moment London seasonal cuisine. Chic room.

Cabotte: Fine French cuisine, a tad under fancy and more sophisticated than bistro fare. Ideal.

Delamina: If it looks a bit like Soho House Shore ditch that’s because the couple who own it started there. Light, airy, plants hanging everywhere and the Mediterranean home style food is great for parties.

Hide: London’s most talked about (and expensive) restaurant has a selection of private rooms, many overlooking Green Park.

New York
Wokuni: Perfect midtown location, it’s one of the few places where you can have sushi en masse.

The Four Seasons: Newly moved. Perhaps the most discerning and elegant set of rooms in Midtown.

Misi: A temperature controlled all-glass pasta making room seats 24 at this Missy Robinson hit.

Manhatta: Atop the old Chase Manhattan building. Stellar views, corporate lineage, room options galore.

Legacy Records: The Charlie Bird and Pasquale Jones folks grow up in a big way. This spot on the far West side may be too big as a restaurant, but it has some of the best private dining spaces in the city.

The Drawing Room at Legacy Records

Small intimate dinner? Great. Party for your nearest thousand friends? Check. An option for almost everyone. — Bloomberg