There are now CBD products for every part of your body

Cannabidiols are so hot right now


NO, CBD doesn’t get you high. But it’s made from the cannabis plant — the letters stand for “cannabidiol” — and, as such, is subject to the same laws as marijuana in the US.

It got a major boost when the December 2018 farm bill legalised the production of marijuana’s non-psychoactive sister — hemp — and inter- state transfer of hemp-derived goods, opening the floodgates for a legal CBD market that could surpass US$20 billion (RM82.8 billion) by 2022, according to researcher Brightfield Group LLC.

As legalisation has spread, so has CBD’s fame. Depending on which marketing materials you read, it can provide relief for just about every malady known to modern humans — anxiety, chronic back pain, menstrual cramps, post-workout muscle soreness, dandruff, even chapped lips.

Lack of regulation, however, gives some of these products the feeling of a late-night infomercial for oregano cleanses.

“Seventy percent of products don’t have what’s written on the label,” says Davey Napoli, one of three co-founders of White Label, a site that sells CBD products after diligent research.

Jon Brandon, co-founder of Foria Wellness, a brand that uses CBD for better intimacy, remains optimistic. “There is much to be excited about,” he says, “and much research to be done”.

We tested some of the most popular — and strangest — applications so far.


Prose shampoo: Co-founded by former L’Oréal SA executive Arnaud Plas, this hair-care brand uses CBD “for a healthy scalp”.

Prose uses CBD ‘for a healthy scalp’

But it’s probably licorice root and moisturising B-5 that’s really livening up your locks. (From US$25;


Lord Jones gumdrops: Known for its beautiful packaging, the well-researched Lord Jones brand has been at the vanguard of what its CEO Robert Rosenheck calls “a health and wellness revolution”.

These delicious, all-natural gumdrops contain 20mg of CBD per piece

These delicious, all-natural gumdrops contain 20mg of CBD per piece to act as a mood stabiliser. (US$45;


Lily CBD: Many experts agree that the most effective way to take CBD is to squirt the oil under your tongue with a dropper.

Many experts agree that the most effective way to take CBD is to squirt the oil under your tongue with a dropper

Russell Markus’ company consulted with doctors to arrive at his 16mg dosage. (US$99 for 500mg bottle;


Wildflower soap: This all-natural cleanser with 20mg of CBD lathers into a rich and soothing foam. (US$30 for a pack of three;


Vertly lip butter: With only 25mg of CBD in the container, you’re not getting much of it. But it’s a nice lip balm anyway. (US$22;


324 roll-on: The brand’s name comes from where each letter falls in the alphabet — 3 for “C”,2for“B”and4for“D”— but the story is no gimmick.

Its founder Pascal Pakter is a former Brazilian jiujitsu fighter who, after injuring two vertebrae, became an evangelist for the pain-relieving powers of cannabis.

This roll-on will take the place of your tube of Icy Hot

This roll-on, which includes camphor and menthol, will take the place of your tube of Icy Hot. (US$35;

Intimate Areas

Foria Awaken: This “therapeutic aphrodisiac” is meant for women. Apply to fingers and gently massage. Full effects can take 15 minutes. (US$48;


Mary’s Nutritionals Elite transdermal patch: One of the most popular brands for CBD, Denver-based Mary’s Medicinals offers a two-inch (5.08cm) square patch that contains 10mg of hemp extract, which it gradually releases into the bloodstream. (From US$10;

Mary’s Nutritionals elite transdermal patch


Kush high-volume mascara (US$24;

Herb Essntls moisturiser (US$60 for two ounces;

Sacred Biology deodorant (US$20;

Recess soda (US$30 for six-pack;

Mirai bath bomb (US$9;

Plant People Plant Balm (US$49 for 400mg;