TH to review lopsided contracts, says Zukri

CEO says TH will conduct due diligence if the contracts require new capital injection from the pilgrim fund


Lembaga Tabung Haji’s (TH) new management will review contracts agreed under the previous government if the terms are found to be lopsided, said its CEO Datuk Seri Zukri Samat.

He said due assessment will be made on contracts which require the pilgrim fund to inject new capital.

“If there is a new disbursement of fund from TH, for example, then certainly we have to review it — whether there is anything wrong with the agreement or otherwise.

“Those that have been done, are done. But if it requires new injection from TH, we will conduct a review.

“If everything is okay with the board, then we will continue. But if it is something that we feel is lopsided or not fair to TH, then we will negotiate with the (relevant) people,” Zukri said at a special briefing on the fund’s turnaround plan in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

Zukri, who is entering his sixth month at the helm of the pilgrim fund, has so far un-covered several questionable deals executed by the former management and board.

The fund had also lodged three police reports on the alleged use of funds under Yayasan Tabung Haji for politically-linked programmes, the withholding of material information on a stake sale in PT TH Indo Plantations and the acquisition of an oil palm plantation in Indonesia.

Zukri has not ruled out the possibility of more police reports in the future if more irregularities are unearthed and based on the legal advice from the fund’s lawyers.

Internal investigations are expected to continue with no time line set.

“Our lawyers are looking at the various cases where we suspect there to be some wrongdoings. If they say we have a case, then we will do what we need to do. We will lodge a police report.

“But again, we stand guarded by our lawyers. We’ve tasked them with the job. Let them come back and guide us, then we will follow their advice,” he said.

Meanwhile, Zukri said the four TH senior officers who were named in the police reports, filed by management on Nov 30, continue to be on garden leave.

“They are still on garden leave. We will have to follow the process and it is still ongoing. But so far, we are on track. We have not reached any (conclusion). Everything is in accordance to the law.

“First, there is the garden leave. Then, the investigative committee will have to meet again to see whether there is a case or not. If there is, then we will proceed with the next
step,” Zukri said.