Petronas statement on the investment scam/phishing website

PETRONAS has been made aware of the illegal use of our Company as well as the President and Group Chief Executive Officer’s names and images in the promotion and/or online endorsement titled “PETRONAS Launches New Scheme With 18 Partners. This Can Make You Rich!” on a number of technology investment platforms, such as “Crypto Revolt” and “Bitcoin Revolution”.

We wish to alert members of the public that this is an ongoing scam. The website used a recent media event by PETRONAS to launch a vendor development programme with various industry partners, designed to raise the capabilities of local firms in the oil & gas (O&G) sector. The fake article on the website claimed that PETRONAS was launching new cryptocurrency technology platforms for all Malaysians, promising huge profits upon an investment of USD250. The fake story was accompanied by photographs allegedly depicting PETRONAS and the company’s President & Group Chief Executive Officer speaking about the investment platform.

PETRONAS, or any of its subsidiaries and employees within the Group of Companies, are not affiliated in any way, and do not support or endorse the alleged promotion.