Bursa Malaysia enhances trading features


Bursa Malaysia has enhanced its trading features to provide more flexibility in managing orders, as well as to enable investors to execute wider and more strategic trading activities.

Its CEO Datuk Seri Tajuddin Atan (picture) said the combination of new and revised trade execution options are expected to assist investors towards enhancing their trading strategies and promote more profitable and sustainable trading.

“Bursa Malaysia will continue to provide investors with greater choices and more efficient means to implement their trading ideas that will allow them to better manage the risk and capture new opportunities in the market,” he said in a statement yesterday.

The extended features — namely the market order at pre-closing, on-open order, on-close order, iceberg order and one-cancel-other (OCO) order — would help investors to navigate the equity market environment in an efficient manner.

In the statement, the local bourse said the market order at pre-closing would allow investors to request their buy or sell orders during the pre-closing session, while the on-open order would enable them to place an order that will be executed at the day’s opening price.

“The on-open order is often used based on events that have happened after the market has closed on the previous trading day that is expected to affect the stock’s opening price on the following trading day,” it added.

On the other hand, the on-close order offers the traders to buy or sell shares at the closing price which will be executed at the closing of a trading day.

“The iceberg order allows investors to make conditional requests to buy or sell a large number of shares, but in smaller pre-determined quantities.

“This kind of order is typically used by large or institutional investors to avoid sudden movement in the market caused by large orders.

“Also, the OCO order is usually used by traders to mitigate risk in trying to enter the market,” Bursa Malaysia said.