Malaysia Airports: Connecting travellers to local brands

Airports play an important role in promoting local brands to international and local travellers alike, and at Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd, the organisaion sees its network of airports as a strong platform to stimulate interest and encourage purchase of locally made products to the thousands of people that throng through its airports on a daily basis.

Malaysia Airports operates five international airports, 16 domestic airports, and 18 short take off and landing ports (STOLports) and as of November 2018, 89.8 million passengers flew in and out of its airports.

“We see this as a great opportunity to showcase, and enlighten our travellers to many of our great locally homegrown brands. It only makes sense with the immense exposure available at our airports,” said Malaysia Airports acting group chief executive officer Raja Azmi Raja Nazuddin.

As airports are the first welcome touchpoint for travellers to experience local atmosphere and ambience, it is truly an effective and important place to create significant awareness on what the country and various cities have to offer. Most times as travellers commute from once place to another, airports are probably the one and only place for them to experience local culture and brands.

“It’s important for us to capitalise on this. As a proud home grown brand ourselves, and the first touchpoint for travellers to Malaysia, we have a mission to showcase our country’s well renowned hospitality and local products to the world. At KL International Airport (KLIA), we often partner with local authorities and agencies to promote the many wonders that Malaysia has to offer through our ‘Joyful Malaysia’ campaign,” said Raja Azmi.

“The most recent being the showcase of our enticing Kelantan culture and products whereby we collaborated with the Kelantan State Government and the Kelantan Tourism Information Centre. Till date since 2017, we have showcased the beauty and culture of 8 states at KLIA and they included Melaka, Perak, Johor, Terengganu, Pulau Pinang and Perlis. Our Joyful Malaysia campaign is, without a doubt, very popular with both our local and international airport guests. Hence, we plan to continue this campaign next year and work with the state tourism agencies.”

Raja Azmi further said: “Besides that, all our airports also include local retailers offering quality ‘Made-in-Malaysia’ products and food. In fact, as part of our CSR, our Langkawi International Airport also offers a monthly scheduled pop-up stall that’s free of charge for local micro-industry players to promote and sell their unique local products. Even our STOLports have small kiosks offering handicrafts and other products that showcase the culture of the local communities.”

Keeping up with its mission to support unique Malaysian brands, Malaysia Airports will also undergo a Commercial Reset strategy with five of its airports: KLIA, Penang International Airport, Langkawi International Airport, Kuching International Airport, and Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

In the next three to five years, the reset strategy will be rolled out to position these airports to be international shopfronts where one of the plans is to position retail at the airport to complement the city it is situated in so that travellers can enjoy the best Malaysian products.

Airports are more than an important component to the overall worldwide transportation network, they also truly play a vital role linking local communities, culture and businesses to the rest of the world. Malaysia Airports aims to ensure that home grown products are continuously promoted to gain further prominence in showcasing Malaysia’s unique wonders.