When idiots are adulated, all that is good will be lost

In any democracy, legitimate differences of opinion and political views are celebrated


When I need something to tickle my funny bone, I will switch on the TV and see when is the next episode of Ancient Aliens. The documentary series is dedicated to pseudoscience, pseudohistory and everything about ancient human-extraterrestrial interactions.

It is quite hilarious, nearing to brain cell murder. Pseudoscience and pseudohistory proponents going to great lengths to distort science and history.

They believe extraterrestrials interacted with primitive humans and imparted engineering, mathematics and galactic knowledge, allowing them to build ancient architecture, align structures to the stars and scribe drawings resembling foreign beings.

The US Air Force Area 51 in the Nevada desert is said to be keeping flying saucers that crashed on Earth, and alien corpses.

Historic structures resemble flying machines. Crop circles are messages intended for aliens who will look out from the window of their UFOs. Aliens have kidnapped humans. Cattles are inseminated with alien genes. Even the 19th century French author Jules Verne could have been given the foresight by aliens which allowed him to write revolutionary science fiction novels like Voyages Extraordinaires.

But my source of humour has expanded in the recent months. It has been nothing short of rib-tickling, reading about the events happening in the country. Moments of great hilarity where many have tried to mask their idiocy, but more often in vain. Many of us have read the “IQ of a carrot” comment in the tit-for-tat barbs between former Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin and Umno Supreme Council member Lokman Noor Adam.

Khairy — who was once dubbed as the most powerful 27-year-old many years ago by foreign media — had emerged as the winner in the short bout which resembled Mike Tyson’s 37-second first round KO, but without the ear-chewing moment.

Local media and news portals went to town with Khairy’s jibe. The public also joined the fray. One netizen questioned the use of the carrot and asked, “Apa dosa lobak tu?” (What is the carrot’s sin?), while another had listed the benefits of the vegetable.

The humour did not stop there. Kinabatangan MP Datuk Seri Bung Moktar Radin also tried to douse the flames between Khairy and Lokman.

Bung Moktar tweeted: “My dear @ khairiKJ_ @LokmanAdam I know we have the freedom of speech, but please stop condemning each other openly in the public. We must focus on our goals.”

Despite his good intentions, he tagged the wrong Twitter handle for the former Umno Youth head.

News reports said the “Khairy” tagged by Bung Moktar had replied: “Please mention the right person.” Then you have the many stories related to fugitive businessman Low Taek Jho, his relations with the country’s past leaders and 1Malaysia Development Bhd.

Suffice to say, a standup comedian could have enough material for a 10-night performance. We shall just stop at “well…I assume…”

Then you have a group of thugs paid to secure a temple, the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) issue, the anti-ICERD gathering tomorrow and statements with words like “amok” which stirred public anxiety.

In any democracy, legitimate differences of opinion and political views are allowed. In fact, it is relished and celebrated as part of the maturing process. Intellectual differences lead to the pursuit of excellence, knowledge and innovations.

While everyone can agree to disagree, it is not a get-out-of-jail-free card for idiots to spread twisted beliefs, racism and religious bigotry.

The day we empower and adulate idiots and their grandiose schemes, it is the day when all that is good will be lost. The last laugh must not be theirs.

Mohamad Azlan Jaafar is the deputy editor-in-chief of The Malaysian Reserve.


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