Sony Malaysia releases TV series promising pinnacle of picture quality at home

Sony Malaysia has announced the release of two new television (TV) series that promises unprecedented picture quality by virtue of employing multiple proprietary technologies and solutions.

At the heart of the new series is what it calls the next generation Picture Processor X1 Ultimate.

The new A9F and Z9F series is part of its Master Series — a name Sony reserves for its highest picture quality TV models.

Sony’s goal is to create a TV capable of displaying images that faithfully convey the creators’ full intent, the company said in a statement.

The A9F and Z9F Master Series models are equipped with a newly developed, next-generation Picture Processor X1 Ultimate.

The X1 Ultimate Picture Processor is supposed to be able to intelligently detect and analyse each object in the picture through Sony’s new objectbased super resolution for exceptional accuracy and detail.

The flagship A9F TV comes equipped with the pixel contrast booster, which is Sony’s original panel controller for OLED, according to the statement.

It maximises the dynamic range by widening the area of colour reproduction at high brightness. Pictures are enhanced with extra detail and texture. The A9F TV is also said to be equipped with top-of-the-line sound quality.

The A9F also has a TV centre speaker mode that allows the acoustic surface audio technology to be used as the centre speaker of a home theatre system.