Getting to the root of performance

IT’S being touted as the first scientific performance analysis workshop for golfers to be conducted in Malaysia on Dec 15-16 at TPC Kuala Lumpur.

With the tagline, “Establishing golfers baseline”, it aims to help golfers of all ages, particularly coaches and parents of young aspiring competitive golfers, to play the best golf they possibly can.

The recreational golfer is included in this search to find the optimal state that the body and mind needs to perform at one’s best.

Given the location and tropical weather conditions that players have to deal with on a daily basis, especially during long and sometimes weather-interrupted golf tournaments, it is imperative that there is an understanding of how different conditions affect performance.

This relates to both physical and mental performances, which play a vital role in the way players are able to focus and remain focused, while dealing with the fluctuating levels of fluids and electrolytes in the body during play.

This seminar aims to educate and enhance the performance of golfers across this broad spectrum.

It is especially beneficial for coaches and students wanting to avail themselves of the latest scientific information gathered from research that dates back more than 60 years and helped by the latest technology available for analysing and extracting the best and most useful methods.

Sport has become increasingly scientific and lucrative. Today, most top sportsmen and women are millionaires and they can’t rely on outdated information and techniques to stay ahead of the competition. At least, most of the top performers don’t.

There’s now an opportunity to learn from world-renowned experts and establish a baseline for performance to reach heights that would otherwise have not been possible.

The experts conducting the workshop are Prof Dr Nic James from the London Sport Institute at Middlesex University London, the UK.

He runs the Masters programme for Sport Performance Analysis. Many of his former students from around the world have become performance analysts or academicians in their home countries. Some lead sports organisations and currently consult with major sporting bodies.

He has also worked as the leading consultant for teams such as the Wales rugby team, Swansea City Association Football Club and Ospreys Rugby Football Club.

For many years, he has been the leading figure for Sport Performance Analysis in the UK and Europe. His expertise has led him to become the keynote speaker at more than 28 academic conferences worldwide, including Malaysia.

He is an external consultant to the English Institute of Sport, and a member of the Coordination Council for the International Network of Sport and Health Science.

On the research side, James has published many papers with regard to statistics in golf. In his research, he focused on shot and approach accuracy. His papers also focus on indicators that matter in golf performance.

He personally developed a system, whereby he himself practised as an avid golfer to improve his handicap from 38 to five within 18 months. This system is successful because it incorporates data from the Professional Golfers’ Association compiled and analysed over 60 years.

Components of this system will be introduced during the golf workshop.

As the incumbent chairperson of the International Society of Performance Analysis of Sport (ISPAS), James travels the world and meets with key persons in different regions and countries to disseminate and develop the field of Sport Performance Analysis.

Among the key persons is the chairperson of International Society of Performance Analysis of Sports Asia (ISPASA), Assoc Prof Dr Tengku Fadilah Tengku Kamalden. She has been leading the Asian chapter of ISPAS since 2013.

In addition to being an expert in nutrition and physiology, she is an expert in sports science in Malaysia.

An avid sports person herself, she was a former national swimmer. She now structures programmes and consults with national athletes via her position on sporting technical boards at the National Sports Council of Malaysia, National Sports Institute of Malaysia and the Badminton Association of Malaysia.

Her past accolades include: Leading consultant for Malaysia Rugby Union, leading consultant for MyTEAM (two seasons), deputy president of Life Saving Society Malaysia and deputy director at the Sports Academy Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Her passion for swimming has led her to publish a book called “Parental Guide to Water Safety”, which is now being expanded and offered as an online course at

Tengku Fadilah is an expert in golf mechanics and the physiological aspects of playing golf.

She and her team measure and identify physiological parameters that are then translated into an analysis of many things about one’s body to help determine if there are any risks, or if there are any points that can be improved upon to enhance performance.

As a nutritional expert, she can also advise on diet, especially as it relates to muscle balance and recovery.

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