Police detain two men over incident at Sri Maha Mariamman Temple

The police arrested seven men and have given the assurance of an “aggressive investigation” into and the arrest of those involved in a scuffle at a Hindu temple in USJ25 here early today.

They arrested the seven, all in their 30s, up to noon today following the incident which began at about 2 am at the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple.

Selangor Police chief Datuk Mazlan Mansor warned all quarters against taking the law into their own hands and advised the people to remain calm to enable the police to conduct their investigation.

“The investigation is being conducted aggressively and arrests will be made,” he said, adding that the police probe was over mischief and rioting.

He said at a media conference at the Subang Jaya District Police headquarters that two of the men were arrested while they sought treatment at the Serdang Hospital for injuries sustained in the incident.

“Eighteen cars and two motorcycles were torched in the incident. A police patrol car was also damaged by stones thrown during the incident,” he told the media conference which was also attended by Subang Jaya  District Police chief ACP Mohammad Azlin Sadari.

Mazlan said calm had been restored in the vicinity of the temple where about 700 policemen from the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) and several other units were being stationed.

Bernama found that the presence of the policemen had brought calm to the area.

The road leading to the temple has been closed and traffic policemen helped to facilitate smooth traffic flow in the wake of heavy congestion this morning.

The crowds of people who had gathered in the vicinity of the temple have dispersed. Cones have been placed in the area to prevent vehicles and members of the public from going near the temple.

Mazlan said the police received a call on the incident at about 2.45 am and a patrol unit was then sent to the scene.

However, stones were hurled at the patrol car, forcing the policemen to call for backup.

Mazlan said a preliminary investigation indicated that the rioting was caused by provocative acts between two groups which were in the vicinity of the temple.

“About 50 men were in the compound of the temple and a group of men was outside. They traded insults that led to the riot,” he said. – BERNAMA