Domino’s Pizza aims to reach 240 outlets

The openings will be focusing on Melaka, Johor and Penang, according to deputy president


Domino’s Pizza Malaysia aims to reach 240 outlets by opening 14 in smaller towns by year-end.

Domino’s Pizza Malaysia and Singapore operations deputy president Shamsul Amree said the openings will be focusing on Melaka, Johor and Penang.

“We also plan to open more outlets in our popular or heavy-duty areas to increase delivery efficiency, as well as expand our reach to smaller and secondary townships,” he said at the Domino’s Pizza pulled-meat flavours launch yesterday.

Shamsul said the company had just opened three outlets in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, recently.

“It is great that we have finally reached East Malaysia,” he said, adding that the company aims to enter Sarawak, but there is no specific timeline to do it yet.

Domino’s Pizza Malaysia and Singapore marketing VP Linda Hassan (picture) said by reaching smaller and secondary townships — for example, Jasin, Melaka — more people can experience their pizza.

“Aside from just releasing and offering more products, we are also committed to expanding our business so that they don’t have to go all the way to big cities to be able to eat our offerings,” she said.

She said online sales play a significant role in the company’s earnings.

“Because of this, we want to offer higher efficiency so our pizzas can be delivered the same way they came out of the oven. So, the more capital we have, the more efficient we will be with our deliveries,” Linda said.

She also said the company will be revamping its online experience, prior to adding an e-wallet service to its payment options.

“Currently, the addition of an e-wallet service is in discussion and we hope that it will be done alongside the revamp within next year, whether it be early next year, in the middle or by the end of 2019,” she said.

Meanwhile, the pizza delivery company offers two new limited-time flavours — the Pulled-Beef Pizza and Pulled-Chicken Pizza.

Linda said the launch marks Domino’s Pizza as the first quick service restaurant in Malaysia to offer pulled meat on the menu.

“While it may seem like a simple task to offer a new item on the menu, this new product in particular was developed with great care and took six months to develop,” she said.

According to her, the company opted to develop these offerings due to the increased trend of people sharing videos and recipes of slow cooked and pulled meat online.

“We understand that premium soft, tender and juicy pulled beef is neither easily affordable, nor available in the market.

“As part of the six-month product development, we undertook serious effort to ensure that the right flavour profile that’s popular among our customers and meat texture are achieved,” Linda added.

The company’s Pulled-Meat Pizzas are available starting Nov 5, 2018, alongside its new Golden Chicken side dish.