Konica Minolta forges ahead with IT-enhanced products

Petaling Jaya, 4 October 2018: Konica Minolta is headed for a revitalisation of its business focus with the introduction of IT-focused products targeting a wide cross-section of industries and business solutions created expressly for SMEs.

C.K. Lim (left) and Osafumi Kawamura (right) express their satisfaction with the production printer exhibited at the KM Solutions Day.

At the Konica Minolta Solutions Day event held on 4 October at Eastin Hotel, Konica Minolta introduced a total of seven products and solutions to establish its footprint in the company’s new IT-focused business portfolio.

“The seismic shift in technology was a key consideration in our new IT-focused direction,” says C.K. Lim, Director and General Manager, Konica Minolta Business Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd. “This corporate transformation is also aligned to the ‘Shinka 2019’ plan that prioritises the creation of real value through innovation.”

“Shinka’’, which means ‘evolution’ in Japanese, is designed to transform Konica Minolta to be a digital technology company.

The primary objectives of Konica Minolta Solutions Day was to showcase the company’s latest range of products, solutions and services to business owners, C-level suites, and mid-to-senior management of a broad cross-section of industries.

The products showcased at the event were production printers, office solutions, Robotics, Mobotix, ERP solutions, managed IT solutions, and a preview of two new future vertical products – Woundaide and Oil and Gas Monitoring solution.

“One of our goals next year is to help SMEs migrate to the digital sphere while advancing to Industry

4.0,” adds Lim. “Apart from business solutions products, we also have Robotics for digital manufacturing to help increase productivity and work process efficiency.”

Konica Minolta’s core imaging, material, nano-fabrication and optical technologies have now been expanded to include nursing care, medical, manufacturing, retail sales distribution, and commercial industrial printing.

For the coming year, the company plans to target three key sectors – SMEs, manufacturing and government – through collaborative partnerships, trade exhibitions and digital marketing.According to global research firm IDC, at least 50 percent of global gross domestic product will be digitised by 2021.

“Our IT-enabled products such as ERP and MIT solutions are geared to helping SMEs towards digital transformation,” notes Lim. “Our solutions are defined to help SMEs manage their IT infrastructure, including IT outsourcing services and technical support.”

For the near future, Konica Minolta is confident in achieving five percent growth in its core printing automation, and a positive growth ratio for the new IT-focused business.

Says Lim: “In terms of developing proprietary next-generation technology, we are working to attract sizeable partnership investments while concurrently capitalising on research and development, and recruiting and providing professional development training to qualified staff to create pioneering products.”

Companies can be crippled by the very things that made them strong. The key, explains Lim, is disruptive technologies that appeal to the mainstream sectors that can realise long-term profits.

“The spirit of entrepreneurship must always be part of our lifecycle,” Lim states. “Our slogan, ‘Giving shape to ideas through technology and innovation’, has enabled us to invest in future success stories by constantly evolving to stay relevant.”

An overwhelming number of vendors, partners, heads of departments and business owners attended the one-day Konica Minolta Solutions Day event.