NHP 2.0 to help solve M40, B40 housing issues

The NHP 2.0 is drafted to streamline all housing agencies under KPKT’s preview, says minister


The second National Housing Policy (NHP 2.0) will aim to help solve the housing issues affecting the B40 (bottom 40%) group in particular.

The Housing and Local Government Ministry (KPKT) wants the policy to accommodate the current mismatch in demand and supply of affordable housing projects.

KPKT Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin said the NHP — which is drafted to streamline all housing agencies under the ministry’s preview, would offer better financing programmes for the lower income group to own conducive home.

“In the policy, there will be financial schemes, assistance and programmes that aim to help the M40 (middle 40%) and B40 group in their loan applications, deposits and repayment schemes,” she told the press after officiating the Malaysia Secondary and Primary Property Exhibition 2018 in Petaling Jaya last Friday.

The NHP 2.0 will focus on houses valued below RM500,000 and was initially planned to be launched by year-end, but has been accelerated.

Zuraida said the policy had reached the final stage — to gain feedbacks and comments from various pertinent ministries such as the Water, Land and Natural Resources Ministry; Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Ministry, and the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia.

One million affordable houses are expected to be built within the next 10 years, in line with the policy which will be then be overseen by the establishment of the National Affordable Housing Council this year.

Zuraida said four housing agencies have officially moved under KPKT’s umbrella and these include Syarikat Perumahan Negara Bhd, PPA1M (1Malaysia Civil Servant Housing Development), PR1MA (1Malaysia People’s Housing Programme) and UDA Holdings Bhd.

The ministry is still conducting due diligence on all of the agencies, expecting the reports to include their overall projects status and numbers of overhang units.

“We are conducting due diligence for PR1MA as I want to take the portfolio in a clean manner,” she said, adding that  PR1MA’s current operations and constructions will continue as usual.

Unveiled in 2012, PR1MA had sold a total of 12,640 units of homes as of November 2017 and was suppose to deliver 500,000 homes by end-2018.

“With regard to UDA Holdings, as they also construct homes, for affordable homes, KPKT would like to handle that.

“Until the overall report comes back to us, we will see how we can go forward with that,” she added.

Zuraida also said the Sales and Services Tax (SST) exemption to construction services and building materials should make the price of houses cheaper.

Construction Industry Development Board CEO Datuk Ahmad Asri Abdul Hamid said the body is projecting a 3%-5% reduction in residential homes prices from the move.