56 houses damaged by storm in Perlis


Storm lashed through several villages and residential areas in Perlis at about 10 pm yesterday causing damage to 56 houses.

The areas affected included Mata Ayer, Bintong, Kayang, Beseri, Sena, Chuping, Kuala Perlis and Pauh.

The Perlis Malaysian Civil Defence Force (AOM), in a statement today, said the storm also damaged several public facilities, as well as uprooted and fell 156 trees, some falling across major roads.

Operation to clean the roads and houses affected by the fallen trees and branches is being carried out by various agencies, it said.

 Checks by Bernama to some of the affected areas found cleaning work in progress, including to remove an arch which collapsed  in Rapoh near here.

It is learnt that the storm also caused damage to several schools and the State Education Department  is expected to visit the schools concerned today.