Deputy IGP: RM2.9b linked to 1MDB deposited into Najib’s personal account

The police has about a year (until May 2019) to complete 1MDB investigations


Investigations into the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) case have uncovered that RM2.97 billion was deposited into the personal account of former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Razak, said Deputy Inspector-General of Police (Deputy IGP) Tan Sri Noor Rashid Ibrahim (picture).

He said the amount was deposited into an AmIslamic Bank Bhd account in three phases involving three companies, namely Good Star Ltd, Aabar BVI and Tanore Finance Corp.

Noor Rashid said so far, police have also detected 132 transactions of illegal funds connected to 1MDB and further investigations are ongoing.

In addition, statements have been recorded from 64 witnesses including Najib, his daughter Nooryana Najwa and several other individuals to help in the investigations.

“The investigations involve local and overseas witnesses and it is very difficult because it requires the cooperation of affected countries for it to be completed,” he said at a press conference on the development of the investigations into 1MDB at Bukit Aman yesterday.

“Besides Najib and his daughter, whose statements were recorded, the police also called in several politicians to take their statements on the same case, but I will not reveal their names,” he said.

Noor Rashid said so far, the Bukit Aman AMLA (AntiMoney Laundering, Anti Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001 [AMLATFPUAA]) team has not received any official request from any party for the confiscated cash and valuables in the case. “However, Najib has made a press statement on the confiscated cash, following which the AMLA team issued an order under Section 32 of the AMLA Act 2001 for him to come forward to meet with the investigating officers about the money.

Noor Rashid also said the AMLA team had also identified several bags and wristwatches, which were suspected to have been bought with proceeds from illegal money.

“The AMLA team is also working with several other countries, which can help in the investigations into the 1MDB case,” he said.

Noor Rashid said the police are now in the process of gathering evidence so that prosecution and disposal of assets of those involved could be undertaken.

“For this, the police has about a year (until May 2019) to complete the investigations into 1MDB.

“The AMLA team has requested and is working with overseas authorities to obtain evidence and the necessary documents for the case.”

Noor Rashid added that the police are seeking Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) from the Attorney General’s (AG’s) Chambers to call witnesses from overseas.

“The AG’s Chambers has held talks with overseas parties and is taking follow-up action. Most of the 1MDB transactions were done overseas, which is why we need the MLA to get their agreement,” he said.

He said the police had also applied for the MLA process through the AG’s Chambers with related countries like Singapore, Saudi Arabia, the US and Switzerland.

“The investigation is taking time as it is difficult getting the statements of overseas witnesses, but we are confident it will be resolved,” he said.

Elaborating on the RM2.97 billion which had been deposited into Najib’s personal account, Noor Rashid said police had identified more than 50 individuals in the country and overseas, including several politicians who received money from the related transactions.

On May 17, the AMLA team opened an investigation paper under Section 4(1) of the AMLATFPUAA 2001.

Subsequently, raids were conducted on five premises and various items such as cash amounting to RM114 million, 12,080 pieces of jewellery, 566 handbags, 437 wristwatches and 234 spectacles of various brands were confiscated. — Bernama