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Syed Saddiq: Utilise KBS facilities to complement future projects

Faizul (left) and Syed Saddiq an at the launch of the Kunci Rumah Pertamaku project in Kuala Lumpur yesterday (By Ismail Che Rus/TMR)

Developers will be able to reduce development and management costs, says minister


Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman said property developers should make use of the ministry’s under-utilised sport facilities to complement future developments.

He said it is a win-win situation for both the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS), which will be able to put the facilities to good use and promote a healthy lifestyle, and the developers who will be able to reduce development and management costs.

“We want to ensure underutilised assets under KBS can be used to the greatest extent. If there is new development that developers want to build, we can work on the plan together.

“So that when the development is built, there are already existing sports facilities which can be fully utilised by the residents,” he told reporters at the launch of the Kunci Rumah Pertamaku project in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

He added that the development land located near public transport infrastructure should be allocated for affordable housing developments.

“Whenever a new infrastructure plan is announced, the plots of land surrounding the infrastructure are immediately sold to the highest private bidder.

“The government needs to ensure that the interest of the people is taken care of and ensure that those who are staying around (the area) are those who are underprivileged,” he added.

Syed Saddiq also highlighted the need for more programmes on financial literacy for youths as most of them have bad credit due to debts, particularly credit card debts.

The Kunci Rumah Pertamaku programme, the brainchild of boutique consulting firm FAR Capital Sdn Bhd, assists women and youth from the lower to middle income range group to buy homes.

FAR Capital founder and CEO Faizul Ridzuan said this year, the programme expects to attract about 1,000 participants, of which 50 will get help in buying a house.

“Last year, we received around 500 participants and chose to help 20 of them in buying a house, and only 10 of them managed to buy a house.

“We do this programme as a corporate social responsibility as we found out that most buyers, especially the youth, do not have the knowledge of property buying due to a lack of financial literacy,” he added.

The project is in collaboration with online property portals like as well as