The Malaysian Reserve

Building a world-class metropolis for Kuala Lumpur

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Naza TTDI has been at the forefront of building such a unique metropolis as it seeks to fulfil the spirit of the country’s independence and pride


Malaysia has developed so much over the last 61 years since independence. From what was a mining and trading town, Kuala Lumpur (KL) has flourished into the largest metropolis in the country.

Amazingly, the country’s capital is one of the most visited cities in the world, putting KL in the ranks of other capitals like London, Paris, Bangkok and Beijing.

Elegant structures and exquisite buildings are fast taking shape at every corner of the capital. In fact, the country’s capital is undergoing the most rapid development phase in its history.

Property development has become an economic catalyst, paving the way to put Malaysia and KL on the world map.

Developers are also competing to build the best products that can meet the ever-changing demand, creating high-end projects at the best and most wanted addresses in the capital, and spurring economic activities in every area.

Naza TTDI Sdn Bhd has been at the forefront of building such a unique metropolis as it seeks to fulfil the spirit of the country’s independence and pride.

The 75.5-acre (30.55ha) mixed development of KL Metropolis at one of the most sought after addresses is a testimony of the company’s vision for Malaysia’s future.

The RM20 billion project is envisioned to be the international trade and exhibition district for KL. The showpiece of the overall development is the new Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC) that will put Malaysia on the global map.

The project — which was launched in 2011 — is surrounded by prestigious townships including Mont’Kiara, Sri Hartamas, Damansara Heights and Bangsar.

The development is also designed to have a seamless integration within every surrounding component which includes residential, commercial, retail, cultural and civic amenities, as well as hotels to create a new cultural and exhibition hub for the capital.

Visitors inspect a diorama of KL Metropolis. The RM20b project is envisioned to be the international trade and exhibition district for KL

KL Metropolis is built on four key concepts, namely creating a dedicated hub to enhance the country’s position as the preferred business tourism destination in the region; creating a conducive environment where local and foreign businesses connect to shape collaborations and partnerships; building a world-class environment for working, living and businesses; and creating a sustainable development through environmental efficiency and pedestrian transit connectivity.

The development’s components include Met 1, which comprises two blocks of office towers, one block of serviced residences and a retail mall, Met 2 (a four-star hotel, hotel residences and a retail mall), Met 3 (a lifestyle mall with the Naza Signature Tower, a luxury condominium, a five-star hotel and Class A office towers), Met 5 (a podium retail, office tower, residential tower, hotel and serviced residential tower), Met 6 (class A office towers), Met 7 (wellness suites), Met 8 (two blocks of strata office towers) and Met 9 (a six-star hotel).

Naza TTDI launched Met Galleria, which is the first retail component for KL Metropolis, in July. The RM160 million project is an international retail lifestyle gallery in a modern colonial setting that embodies elements of quality and sophistication in its design.

It has more than 80,000 sq ft of net lettable area (NLA) targeted at shoppers who seek a calm, comfortable and harmonious atmosphere. The Met Galleria will establish KL as another must-visit destination for shoppers.

We build Met Galleria to cater to the existing tenants and people who will be working and living in our KL Metropolis area, says Idzham

Naza TTDI ED and COO Datuk Idzham Mohd Hashim said the company is confident on the prospects of the project, despite the perceived oversupply of retail outlets and malls in the country.

Idzham said Met Galleria is unique and will have its own target market, especially to cater to the KL Metropolis population and its surrounding areas.

“We build Met Galleria to cater to the existing tenants and people who will be working and living in our KL Metropolis area. We are focused on attracting the existing catchment as we will have serviced residences, corporate towers and existing government offices surrounding Met Galleria.

“We will be able to attract the crowd as it is not a big mall, but it delivers a retail experience rarely found elsewhere,” Idzham said at the unveiling of Met Galleria recently.

The Met 1 project, including Met Galleria, is expected to be completed in the second half of 2021.

Idzham said Naza TTDI is already in talks with several potential tenants and the response for Met Galleria retail units has been very positive.

At present, 40% of Met Galleria’s NLA is dedicated to food and beverages, while 20% has been planned for retail concept stores, services (15%), anchor tenants (15%), showrooms (5%) and others, including kiosks (5%).

The KL Metropolis project will become a landmark and an icon for KL and Malaysia. It embodies the success of the country as an independent and free nation, something for the people to be proud of.