iPay88 debuts its 1st academy in Kuala Lumpur


iPay88 Holding Sdn Bhd launched its very first iPay88 Academy with the aim to disperse knowledge and information on everything e-commerce and autonomous to the public through free training courses.

The Malaysian-based online payment solutions provider said iPay88 Academy was formed in collaboration with the Malaysia Digital Economy Corp and Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre to support the fundamental objective of the National E-commerce Strategic Roadmap — which is to accelerate sellers’ e-commerce adoption in Malaysia.

iPay88 founder Chan Kok Long (picture) said to kick-start the programme, the provider invested about RM300,000 due to the lack of talent in today’s marketplace, particularly among the small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

“The tipping point for e-commerce to move into the next level of adoption in this country relies heavily on individuals and businesses going online. We want to step up to the plate and do our part in driving this move,” he said at the launching in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

According to Chan, SMEs can no longer delay establishing their presence in the market if the goal is to export products and services across borders.

“They need to step up and align themselves to the opportunities that are abound in a digitalised work and make a significant presence in the global market,” he added.

He said education has become such a vital part in e-commerce, yet some of the older generation still struggle with it.

“For some of the millennials, making purchases online is so normal — but for others, it is something new and foreign to them. E-commerce is no longer a new way of doing business, it is inevitable,” Chan said.

He said there has been a spurt of growth of technology-driven companies, thus the need for a conducive environment for these companies to grow is even more relevant today.

“Businesses need to prepare for the future. With all our partners and con- tent, we are confident everyone will be able to benefit from the courses. For now, we have not reached a stage where the courses are formulated, but our first step is to provide the most basic training for everyone,” he said.

The academy has thus far run five pilot courses for a total of 56 participants and has lined up five more courses for this year and will continue to add more as they progress.

Academy manager Sharifah Juriah Syed Ashbahar told The Malaysian Reserve (TMR) each course will begin once every month and will run for two hours.

“There will be courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced stages. Each course will have a different frequency, we aim to seat about five people per class and all this will officially begin on Sept 19, 2018,” she told TMR.

Sharifah Juriah said the classes are funded by iPay88 and partners, and will be given for free.

“For now, we have two internal trainers within iPay88 and many external trainers. Of course, we will be expanding as we grow. Specifically for the SMEs we are working with, organisations and non-profit organisations, in order to reach more of them,” she said.

Sharifah Juriah said iPay88 will work with selected universities to incorporate syllabus from academic institutions into the coursework mov- ing forward.

iPay88 has thus far worked with Universiti Putra Malaysia, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, as well as Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Chan said he hopes that someday the academy will become an institution that everyone will have access to.

“The key point is to pass the knowledge down. To other educational institutions out there, if you are keen to work with us, we would love to know what your objectives and synergies are so we can collaborate for form a common goal. At the end of the day, I do not want the academy to make any profit from the training,” Chan said.