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Speedgolf Malaysia debuts in TPCKL

Many Speedgolf players are foregoing bags altogether and simply clasping the clubs in their hand

Malaysia’s premier club, TPC Kuala Lumpur (TPCKL), continues to bring more exciting and innovative programmes to the golf industry with the introduction of Speedgolf.

TPCKL is the first in Malaysia to introduce Speedgolf, a unique and fast-growing sport that requires fitness and stamina to compete.

Speedgolf is a fitness-oriented athletic golf experience and the results are calculated based on the number of strokes against the amount of time it takes a player to complete the course. It tests not only golfing ability, but also stamina level, and is proven to enhance a player’s mental, physical and creative capabilities on the golf course.

Due to the nature of the game that requires speed when competing, wearing comfortable running shoes is one of the unique features in Speedgolf dress etiquette.

Most Speedgolf players get around the course with four clubs, which is typically a driver, 7-iron, wedge and putter, or some variation of that combination.

The bags are specially designed to be lightweight and easy for players to grab, although many are foregoing the bag altogether and simply clasping the clubs in their hand. The Speedgolf bag is available to rent or purchase at TPCKL.

“We are excited to introduce Speedgolf in Malaysia — especially to millennials who are seeking an adventurous, innovative and fun way of playing golf.

“Speedgolf is one of our initiatives to ensure fresh, exciting and healthy programmes are available at TPCKL,” said TPCKL CEO Steven Thielke.

“Speedgolfers will tee-off early in the morning ahead of regular golfers at 7am and be done by 8am, more than enough time to still get to the office,” he added.

To find out more information on the latest updates about Speedgolf, follow Speedgolf Malaysia’s Facebook, YouTube and Instagram at @Speedgolf.malaysia, as well as Twitter @ Speedgolfmsia.

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