Putrajaya sets up Electoral Reform Committee

by FARA AISYAH / pic by TMR

THE government has established an Electoral Reform Committee (ERC) to review the laws and systems on elections.

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) said in a statement the ERC will be chaired by Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman, a former chairman of the Election Commission, but did not announce any other members of the committee.

“The committee will be given two years to accomplish its task, such as submitting a report and recommendations to the government for development and implementation,” the PMO said.

In reviewing all management aspects of the elections, the committee is expected to obtain feedbacks and suggestions from many parties — particularly stakeholders such as political parties, voters and non-governmental organisations, among others.

The ERC will also study the electoral systems implemented by other democratic countries, in ensuring a levelplaying field on the grounds of “free, fair and clean” elections for all.

The terms of reference for the ERC include reviewing the electoral laws and other laws involved in electoral affairs, reviewing the need to create an electoral system which is appropriate with the social order, as well as making recommendations in creating an electoral law in accordance with the international electoral management standard.

ERC also needs to study the need to have a specific law on the establishment of the caretaker government after the dissolution of Parliament and the state legislative assemblies.

The special committee will need to review the need to establish a law to give power to the electoral management body to register and regulate political organisations and parties.

The PMO added that the ERC will set up necessary committees in enacting electoral laws and other laws related to it once the government has received and approved the report.