Malaysia’s bourse the top 5 performer in Asia Pacific


The FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI (FBM KLCI) is the top five performer in Asia-Pacific equity markets in terms of total return (US dollar) in July.

The FTSE Asia Monthly Index Performance Report by FTSE Russell showed that the top performer in the Asia Pacific market in July was the FTSE Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) Large Cap Index with 7.59% growth, followed by FTSE Philippines Index (7.29%), FTSE India Index (6.31%), FTSE TWSE Taiwan 50 Index (5.67) and FBM KLCI (4.8%).

The FBM KLCI recorded a market capitalisation of RM534.3 billion in the month, posting a 5.5% rise compared to June.

The FBM Small Cap Shariah recorded the highest monthly growth at 6.79% and RM35.8 billion market capitalisation, followed by FBM Mid 70 (6.35%) with RM179 billion market capitalisation and FBM Emas Shariah (6.04%) with RM458.7 billion market capitalisation.

The FBM Top 100 and FBM Emas recorded the same monthly growth of 5.71% in July, followed by FBM Small Cap (5.65%), FBM Ace (5.37%), FBM Hijrah Shariah (5.34%), FBM Fledgling (2.74%) and FBM Palm Oil Plantation (2.39%).

Meanwhile, the bottom five performers for the Asia Pacific market in terms of total return (US dollar) were FTSE Vietnam Index (0.37%), FTSE China 50 Index (-0.02%), FTSE Pakistan Index (-0.51%), FTSE China A50 Index (-0.62%) and FTSE Korea Index (-1.31%).

“The FTSE All-World Index in July ended the month up 3.06%. Emerging markets outperformed developed markets by 0.41%, finishing the month up 3.42%.

“Middle East and Africa was the best performing region in July, with the FTSE Middle East and Africa Index up 5.21%. Within the Asia Pacific, the FTSE SET Large Cap Index was the best performing country index up 7.59%,” it noted in the report released yesterday.

It added that large-cap companies outperformed in the FTSE Global All Cap Index compared to mid-cap and small, with 3.27% growth in July.

The highest performing country index was the FTSE Brazil Index, which was up 11.69% in the month, followed by FTSE Poland Index (11.07%), FTSE Mexico Index (9.32%), FTSE Thailand Index (7.76%) and FTSE Philippines Index (7.29%).

Meanwhile, the worst performing country index was the FTSE Turkey Index, finishing the month with a drop of 7.17%. In addition, FTSE Korea Index was among the bottom performers in the FTSE All-World Index in terms of total return (US dollar) with 1.31% decrease, FTSE Colombia Index (-1.96%) and FTSE China Index (-2.17%) as well as FTSE Egypt Index (-3.91%).


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