Kaspersky offers online training kit

The kit’s main purpose is to create awareness for top- level management of large corporations and prepare them to react in the event of a cybersecurity incident


Kaspersky Lab aims to increase awareness on cyber threats and security through its first ever Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation Online Training (KIPS Online).

The online training will target mainly four areas of work including financial institutions, government agencies, corporates and industries with a specialised kit to cater for each sector.

Its APAC corporate communications head Jesmond Chang said the kit’s main purpose is to create awareness for top-level management of large corporations and prepare them to react in the event of a cybersecurity incident.

“KIPS is already a global product.

We have been in Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam where we had sessions with the local media and they all got to experience the kits,” he told The Malaysian Reserve after the training session with the press in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

He said the training kit was launched in the third quarter of last year but the company aims to push aggressively now.

Chang also said the company wants to show the importance of protection and prediction in order for employees to comply with the rules and able to identify when there is a breach.

South-East Asia corporate communications manager Sanjeev Nair said the kit was developed by the in-house team.

“While the training kit is available for corporates to purchase on its own, most people will take the whole solution,” he said, adding that the prices will depend on various factors like the number of people and sectors.

“All the training is done online but we have travelled to other regions to speak to the media. Our next stop is Indonesia,” he said.

Sanjeev said there are currently two versions — an online one and a live session.

He said the live version is better as it fosters teamwork and communication within the participants in a company.

Sanjeev said the game scenarios in the kit feature real-life challenges.

According to Kaspersky Lab’s corporate information technology (IT) security risks survey, 51% of enterprises agreed that it was difficult to demonstrate the return-on-investment when it comes to IT security.

Sanjeev said the training has received good feedback and has been able to equip the participants with sufficient knowledge and skills related to cybersecurity.