Neffos aims to be in top 5 in Malaysia 3

The brand’s sales revenue has already increased 300% compared to last year’s figure


The race among smartphone manufacturers to be ranked the best and most innovative among brands in the market, has pushed yet another global network provider, TP-Link Technologies Co Ltd, to come out with its own smartphone brand name — Neffos.

Neffos CEO Jason Xu said the brand is putting in all the extra efforts to be placed as one of the top five smartphones in Malaysia.

He said even though the brand has just been in the local market for a couple of years, its sales revenue has already increased 300% compared to last year’s figure.

Neffos has recently exceeded its initial sales target by 100%.

The smartphone brand saw about 300,000 units sold in the first six months of 2018.

“Our sales surged 140% in June, and therefore, for the remaining half of the year, we decided to set a new sales target at 150%.

“We are optimistic that we will exceed the 600,000 units sale target come year-end,” Xu said.

Xu said TP-Link decides to enter the smartphone industry race because of its long-term plans relating to the IoT (Internet of Things).

“In today’s technological era, people want and expect their smart devices to open up their world to a wider field of possibilities such as information exchange, office-on-the-go and entertainment — anywhere, anytime. And that is why this industry is here to stay,” he said.

Xu said the quality and competitive pricing of Neffos’ have contributed to the group’s success.

According to him, sales have and are still increasing at a rapid pace.

“I must admit that it was quite tough in the beginning when we first entered the Malaysian market due to the competitive nature of the industry. However, we have managed to find a way to produce and offer quality products at a reasonable price,” he told The Malaysian Reserve after the launch of Neffos in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

At the launch, Neffos unveiled its latest entry, the Neffos X9.

The new Neffos X9 boasts an advanced rear dual-camera system and a full-view display on the front attached onto an attractive polycarbonate body with a premium metallic look and feel.

“We believe that excellent smartphones need not be priced over the top. Therein lies the foundation of our success. The new Neffos X9 is designed to prove just that. We believe in our continued efforts and hope to drive the brand’s sales and share the growth in Malaysia and across the globe,” said Xu.