Ladies Amateur Open to host 100 golfers

The event will also commemorate RSGC’s 125th anniversary


THE Royal Selangor Golf Club (RSGC) will host 100 female amateur golfers in conjunction with the 44th edition of the Ladies Amateur Open from Aug 10 till Aug 12, 2018.

The event will also commemorate the club’s 125th anniversary.

The female golfers will be from eight countries, namely Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and for the first time, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan and Sri Lanka.

Organising chair of the Ladies Amateur Open Datuk Yasmin Yusuff said she welcomes fellow golfers from around the world and is especially passionate about inspiring and emboldening youth in exploring their golfing potential.

“I’m proud to say that in recent years we have seen an increase in participation by junior golfers.

“The RSGC Ladies Amateur Open establishes Kuala Lumpur as an important launch pad for rising talent and lends to the growth of the game by continuing to attract the best regional amateurs in this field,” she told a press in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

She added that the club is not only the oldest club in Kuala Lumpur and praised the club’s consistent encouragement and support of women participating in golf.

“According to surviving records, a prize was offered for a ladies’ handicap all the way back in 1896, just a few years after the official opening of the club.

“This was the first known reference to women’s golf here,” she said.

Meanwhile, RSGC also unveiled its first ever tournament logo yesterday which was a collaboration from the committee.

The two main contributors, Kam Su-Shuin and Emma Abdullah, said they had put in a lot of thought into the formation of the logo.

Kam told The Malaysian Reserve (TMR) she had wanted to change things around and raise the level of the entire event.

“In terms of sponsors and the branding, I come from a tennis background and I had some ideas to spruce things up a little.

“I wanted the logo to be recognisable when people see it outside. We wanted to raise the quality. So Emma and I designed it — with input from Yasmin, of course. We wanted it to represent women but keep the classic look there,” Kam told TMR.

She said the ribbon is more female appropriate. The trophy symbolises the prizes while the green colour captures the club’s corporate colour.

“The logo will go on all the collateral during the event. We hope this will become a trademark for the Ladies Open in the future as well,” she added.

The co-sponsors for the event are Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Bhd and Senheng Electric (KL) Sdn Bhd.

Prizes for the winners will include a Peugeot car, a pair of diamond earrings worth RM23,000 from La Putri Boutique and flight tickets to any European destination on Qatar Airways.