Double win for Kenanga investors

Kenanga Investors wins two awards at the Recommended Unit Trusts Awards 2018/2019

Kuala Lumpur, 16 July 2018: Kenanga Investors Group (“Kenanga Investors”) clinched two awards at the prestigious Recommended Unit Trusts Awards (“Awards”) for 2018/2019.

Its flagship fund Kenanga Growth Fund (“KGF”) was named the recommended fund under the Core Equity – Malaysia category. Meanwhile, Kenanga Balanced Fund (“KBF”) was awarded under the Balanced – Malaysia category.

Lee Sook Yee, Chief Investment Officer, credits the win to Kenanga Investors’ long-standing investment philosophy of bottom-up stock picking with its strict focus on undervalued stocks whose fundamentals are deemed superior. “We conduct rigorous research to understand any given industry and the individual companies within that industry which has given us a strong competitive advantage amongst our peers,” she says.  

“This is KGF’s ninth consecutive win and we are honoured to have been awarded for the past few years. With KBF’s inaugural win, this goes to show that Kenanga Investors continues to manage a range of award winning funds that are delivering consistent top performance for our investors,” says Ismitz Matthew De Alwis, Chief Executive Officer.

Despite the recent geopolitical events happening in the country, the fund house looks forward to opportunities that new government reforms may bring. “Investors may be jittery about how the current investment outlook may seem, but they need to remember that unit trusts are medium to long-term investment vehicles, and for them to see the results, they need to ride out any volatilities which are happening now,” he advised. As at 31 May 2018, KGF outperformed its benchmark to deliver a total return of 18.56%* (3 years), 60.10%* (5 years) and 266.61%* (10 years) while KBF delivered a total return of 14.81%* (3 years), 21.04% (5 years) and 61.11% (10 years).

Kenanga Investors has recently launched a follow-up series to KGF; the Kenanga Growth Fund Series 2 (“KGFS2”). KGFS 2 will be deeply rooted in Kenanga Investors’ investment style and aims for capital growth through investing in growth oriented companies both in Malaysia and overseas. It also strives to mitigate downside risk through a well-diversified portfolio that is not constrained by any benchmarking. It is also available in both ringgit and U.S. dollar to provide more options for investors to invest in their preferred currency.’s annual Recommended Unit Trusts Awards honours the unit trusts which have made it to the’s Recommended Unit Trusts list for the year. The unit trusts are evaluated based on Performance, Risk and Expense Ratio and other factors such as consistency in the fund manager’s investment approach.