CK East-Golf Malaysia ‘Champion of Champions’ Championship 2018

Golf Malaysia has long seen it as give-back for all the support and goodwill it’s been getting from golfers, golf retailers, proprietary and members’ golf clubs, indeed, from what is an industry in itself, even as the magazine labours to portray the game and all who partake in it as worthy and reason for its existence.

It’s here for the long haul, helping to promote the game, not only as a sport, but one that teaches life skills in all that it embraces.

It’s the 32nd edition and it must mean something. And that something is an opportunity to make a singular mark in club golf by players who are serious enough to go for glory as amateurs.

They may have missed their calling as professionals, but what the heck, winning as an amateur still provides a numero uno feeling.

The “Champion of Champions” Championship, diligently put together all these years by Golf Malaysia, is a feat in itself, given how long it’s been running. A labour of love, say the people at the magazine, with due credit to all the sponsors who have made the effort worthwhile for all stakeholders.

This year, the championship will be supported by property developer CK East Group, the boutique developer known for its high-end, small creations that also has a penchant for developing freehold Malay Reserve Land. Crafted with quality, character and cutting-edge designs, these boutique developments are golden opportunities for a sound investment. Being a winner among winners, drawn from golf clubs around Malaysia and Singapore, is no mean feat, and don’t be fooled by the jocular and even playing-the-fool stance at the first tee-box in a competition played over two rounds.

There’s no prize money at stake, but one can bet there’s many a wager going on to give it the competitive edge to bring out one’s A-game. But, even without it, just coming out tops at the end is adrenalin pumping.

Make no mistake, even by any other measure, triumph brings well earned crowing rights and a coveted Masters-style Green Jacket.

It’s back to Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Golf and Country Club (SAASGCC) in Shah Alam again this

year for the duel in the sun, Aug 17 and 18. Familiarity with the course will be a distinct advantage, at least for those who play accordingly.

Is it going to be hat-trick on the cards for Lim Kian Chong of Glenmarie Golf and Country Club, who at 68, won the Seniors’ category…again last year, as he was also winner the year before? The same applies to Audrey Tan, 16, of Kelab Rekreasi Angkatan Tentera, who also made it two in a row in the Women’s category.

The possibility and incentive for a hat-trick is there, with the first hurdle being victorious in their respective club championships. After that, execution is all that remains.

Defending a title is also something to aim for. It’s self-affirmation. In the main Men’s category, it was Leroy

Chiam of Tournament Players Club Kuala Lumpur, who won the Men’s cate7usgory last year.

But there are new club champions emerging all the time. For sure, behind all that camaraderie and socialising at the event, the spirit of competition and sportsmanship will also shine through.

For sponsors, it’s an opportunity to showcase and promote their products, and long-time supporter Srixon Sports Asia Sdn Bhd will be stepping in once again as the main sponsor. The long history of the event says a lot for the winning combination of all that goes into its success.

Long live golf!