Grab launches super app with new partners on board


Technology company Grab as part of their strategy to build the first everyday super app in South-East Asia introduces GrabPlatform.

The platform will allow Grab’s partners to integrate their services by leveraging on Grab’s user base and some of the larger distribution channels such as payments, transport and logistics.

Grab’s CEO Anthony Tan said the aim was to go beyond just transport and work with various partners to provide its users with more features.

“The aim is to give it a more localised content to all eight countries we are in. As we are the only one in the region who has this land fleet size, partners will want to join us,” he said at the launch in Singapore yesterday.

Tan said although the app was officially launched simultaneously in Singapore and Indonesia yesterday, it will only be available in Malaysia and Thailand in the third quarter of 2018 (3Q18).

Grab also introduced GrabFresh, an on-demand grocery delivery service, which is a collaboration between Grab and HappyFresh within its platform.

HappyFresh CEO Guillem Segarra said he is delighted to partner Grab seeing how rapid Grab has grown in so many different countries.

“There is a full generation today that is taking over the spending power and is socially conscious- driven by lifestyle.

Groceries take up at least 25%-30% of the overall spending for an average family in South-East Asia. Thus, online groceries shopping allows us to be profitable on a larger scale,” he said.

The new super app will include news, entertainment and games as well as information on restaurants. It aims to be an everyday app that caters to the needs of users.

Grab also launched a content partnership with Yahoo to provide news content in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Local news partnerships for other countries will be announced soon.

“We’ve gone from a booking platform for taxi operators to providing a fleet of delivery drivers for e-commerce companies. It’s now time to make our platform available to a wider ecosystem,” he said.

He said the contents for each region will be contextualised for specific occasions in accordance with the region.

“It is very secure in terms of data protection. We take privacy very seriously and only use it within our network,” Tan said.