TGV Cinemas to show more engaging content


TGV Cinemas Sdn Bhd wants to expand its current market share of over 30% by providing consumers with a more engaging cinema experience, while attempting to set itself apart from competition.

Its head of brand and communications Ong Fui Yen said the cinema operator wants to do so by bringing in different concepts that will give consumers something beyond a regular cinema experience.

“This is why we launched the ‘We Bare Bears’ pop-up store. We want to give our consumers an improved service by reinvigorating new and fresh ideas,” she said at the launch in Cheras recently.

The first-of-its-kind pop-up store is a partnership with Cartoon Network and will run until July 8, 2018.

Ong added that the TGV group is constantly evolving to create more branded seasonal events to encourage patronage.

TGV Cinemas concessions department senior manager Raymond Letchmanan said the key to this push is to bring in merchandise that will suit the taste of consumers as the pop-up concept is not a permanent one yet.

“We will be targeting kids and families. For now, it is only available in Sunway Velocity Mall and we will see what the response is, and then decide to take it to other locations as well,” Raymond said The pop-up store was prelaunched at the same mall during the Chinese New Year period this year and had received some good feedback.

“We had aimed to appeal to consumers beyond just the movie merchandise. For that one month, we made about RM5,000 daily just on merchandise alone,” he said.

Raymond said sales have picked up since the abolishment of the Goods and Services tax.

He said the group plans to open another two cinemas by next year — one in ICT Mall Shah Alam and PacifiCity Mall in Sabah.

He added that the six IMAX screens TGV has now are exclusive and contributing decent revenue to the specific locations.

“The concession business, which includes food and beverage, contributed about 50% of TGV’s revenue last year,” he said.