MITEC goes ‘green’ for trade exhibitions

The iconic building has highly insulated roof and horizontal sun-shading devices


The Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC), a venue, capable of hosting heavy industries’ shows and large-scale events, has embedded a number of “green” features in its facilities.

For a start, it has a highly insulated roof and horizontal sun-shading devices. 

The roof enables the building to lower the heat gain and contribute to less cooling load required for the air conditioning system.

The sun-shading devices allow considerable daylight to penetrate with appropriate sun heat control while maintaining maximum view of the outside.

The centre also has a non-chemical water treatment system for its air conditioning and mechanical ventilation system.

“It means more efficient operating conditioning for the air conditioning system. It also uses less water and electrical power,” said MITEC CEO Gunther Beissel.

The iconic building was handed over to the government in August 2017 by Naza TTDI Sdn Bhd.

Naza TTDI, the property arm of Naza Corp Holdings Sdn Bhd, is the master developer of Kuala Lumpur (KL) Metropolis. 

It spent over RM650 million to build MITEC, the first component and flagship of KL Metropolis, a city within a city where trade, commerce, living and transport converge over 75.5 acres (30.55ha) of prime land.

MITEC is the country’s largest exhibition centre with over 45,000 sq m of gross exhibition space and triple volume exhibition halls. It also consists of the largest pillar-less exhibition hall in Malaysia, according to a statement from the centre.

The entire combined exhibition halls are able to accommodate up to 50,000 visitors in theatre style seating and close to 20,000 guests in the banquet arrangement at any one time, it added.

On the sustainability front, the centre preserves water through rain water harvesting system. The system will use rain water collected at the rooftop for their irrigation purposes, resulting in a reduction of potable water consumption.

Its green landscape also plays a part in its over “green” features. It is purposely designed to reduce heat island effect within the development, which helps in controlling the climate.

MITEC had also joined the International Association of Convention Centres (AIPC) and took part in the 13th Annual AIPC Sales and Marketing Summit in Frankfurt, Germany, last month. AIPC is an industry association for professional convention and exhibition centre managers worldwide. 

MITEC is also affiliated as a member of the International Congress and Convention Association and bears the UFI (Union des Foires Internationales/Union of International Fairs) approved label.