KNB offers end-to-end halal logistics services

Its halal logistics services involve managing material and information flow throughout supply chain in accordance with Shariah law


Kontena Nasional Bhd (KNB), a provider of end-to-end halal logistics services, is seeing growth for what it deems as its unique selling proposition.

KNB holds the distinction of being the first logistics provider to receive the Halal Logistics Provider certification from the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) in 2009.

The company’s halal logistics services involve managing the material and information flow throughout the supply chain in accordance with the prescribed Shariah law and accepted halal standards.

On the ground, there is an increase in demand for halal goods, with China being one of the contributors.

“Together with our partners, we have launched the Halal Silk Route initiative. We first started with promoting and supporting small and medium entreprises on a trade mission to Weifang, China, with the maiden voyage leaving Northport on April 13,” said KNB CEO Afri Affandi Baharuddin.

KNB, a member of Malaysian conglomerate MMC Corp Bhd, is no stranger to the Malaysian business scene. As one of the nation’s largest logistics company, with close to five decades of experience, it has an extensive network of agents and an international presence in Asia, Europe, America and Australia. Northport (M) Bhd is also a member of MMC.

At KNB, when it comes to handling the halal needs of customers, it is not merely about clean and effective services. That’s a given. The Jakim-certified company offers a full range of halal logistics handling and services. These include halal transportation, halal warehousing and samak/sertu services for containers throughout the halal value chain.

Samak/sertu refers to the cleansing of containers and trucks. At times, customers may have doubts about the nature of the item transported earlier. Hence, they may request for samak to be done on the containers.

The other services include haulage, international freight forwarding, warehousing, distribution, supply chain solutions and cold chain solutions.

The end-to-end process provides comfort to clients and consumers. The company’s cold chain process, for example, integrates halal and cold chain process right from the farms or producers to the consumers.

For the producers, KNB makes available pre-cooling storage facilities or cold storage warehouses. At the processing level, KNB handles processing, packaging, labelling and halal certification. Next, at the cold chain distribution stage, KNB provides halal refrigerated trucks (called reefers), refrigerated containers, cold storage and warehouses.

KNB provides customers a number of value-added services. Among them is its dedicated team for shipment, available 24 hours, who can assist customers with their daily routines like monitoring for warehousing, delivery and distribution, track and trace, and proof of delivery.

The track and trace component includes real-time vehicle location tracking, anti-theft alert and effective job dispatching. With the route planning services, customers can reduce delivery lead times and transportation costs.

KNB also provides contract logistics. It is not a mere extension of traditional logistics services, but a comprehensive, tailor-made and contractually regulated packages of services.

The company promises clients integrated services that include all aspects of logistics planning, control and execution, from point of origin to consumption, designed to turn their logistics into a competitive advantage. These services also aim to help customers reduce assets and improve financial returns, enhance inventory control and deliver advanced customer service quality.