OEI Group to make Malaysia its regional hub for

By BERNAMA / Graphic By TMR

Ortus Expert International Sdn Bhd (OEI Group), a local beauty and skincare company with footprints in the US, Japan and France, plans to use Malaysia as its regional hub to penetrate Asean countries.

CEO Dr Kourosh Sharifirad (picture)  said Malaysia’s open economy is very appealing and favourable for the company to set up its hub here, making it a good stepping stone to enter the surrounding markets.

“In terms of cost in producing and distributing, Malaysia is a good market, but in terms of population and market size, we tend to look at bigger markets like Indonesia and India.

“We are currently working on the foundations to enter Indonesia and Thailand this year, both are big markets and have vibrant skincare and beauty industry,” he told Bernama.

Commenting on the outlook of the company’s operations in Malaysia, Kourosh said the group is optimistic of doubling sales this year due to its marketing strategy, high quality of products under its brand and the strong nature of direct selling industry in Malaysia.

The direct selling industry contributed an average annual revenue of RM25 billion to the Malaysian economy, he added.

“On sales target, we are eyeing to rake in between RM30 million and RM40 million in 2018. Our skincare products are in the premium range and substantially stemcell-based, which are developed with 16 exclusive patents formulated with natural active ingredients from all over the world,” he said.

Kourosh said the group’s skincare brand, Royal Essence, is the product of science and nature to provide healthy solutions to address signs of ageing, wrinkles, dull skin, pigmentation and uneven skin texture, while its wellness brand, Royal Valens, provides users with good nutrition to be healthy and fit.

He also said the OEI Group will provide a platform to nurture and encourage young entrepreneurs and those who seek opportunities to learn entrepreneurial skills such as leadership, communications, as well as sales and marketing skills. — Bernama