Mothers quit jobs due to inflexibility

Concerns over poor childcare, flexibility when they are at work are reasons why mothers quit their jobs


New mothers found returning to work as a challenge with many seeking new jobs that would meet their flexible requirements, according to a study by a online career and recruitment company.

The’s latest study reveals the reasons why new mothers quit their jobs are due to the lack of flexibility and concerns over poor childcare for their children when they are at work.

The respondents in the survey had also cited unsupportive bosses and work environment as the reason for quitting their jobs.

The study which surveyed over 2,600 respondents across Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines, aims to identify challenges women and working mothers face in the workplace.

It also aims to raise attention to these issues for employers, who might want to consider more family-friendly arrangements to aid in increasing retention and lowering overall attrition of the female workforce. (Asia Pacific and Gulf) CEO Abhijeet Mukherjee said flexible working arrangements are becoming a normal part of employers’ offerings globally — in line with the needs of the modern workforce — but it seems like there is still some alignment that needs to happen between companies and employees in Malaysia.

“Women in Malaysia clearly want to work, but they are not provided with a supportive environment or business infrastructure that allows them to both care for their families and contribute to the workplace.

“This is no doubt a key reason why 94% of women surveyed said they are currently searching for a new job,” Abhijeet said in the statement.

He added that the process of having a child and being with that child all the time, and then being expected to leave them at home in the care of someone else to return to work is a giant emotional leap for parents all over the world.

He said it is about creating an inclusive culture that sets women up for success with equal opportunities, which all begins with ensuring that they feel happy about returning to the workforce.

Only 28% of those surveyed said their workplace offers some sort of flexibility or adjusted workloads for working mothers.

While only 12% of workplaces have a dedicated lactation room for pumping breast milk in private during the workday, 10% said they do have the option of a child daycare at work.