MSI aims to grow local gaming communities

The company is targeting to promote e-sports in the more rural parts in Malaysia in 2018


Leading computer gaming hardware corporation MSI Malaysia will be focusing on growing the e-sport community in Malaysia.

MSI marketing manager Pia Huang said MSI has started to engage the gaming community out of Kuala Lumpur as the company wants to create more growth and opportunities for enthusiasts in other states.

“For the past few years, we have been organising major gaming tournaments in Kuala Lumpur; but for 2018, we are targeting to promote e-sports in the more rural parts in Malaysia.

“So instead of just focusing on organising tournaments, we want to give back to the community to promote gaming and e-sports,” she said.

She added that MSI has been the first to engage the community in other states.

“We have approached the gaming communities of Penang, Johor Baru, Melaka, Kuantan, as well as organising a campus tournament in Sabah last year.

“With that said, we are focused to emulate what we did last year, but to give more focus in East Malaysia,” Huang added.

Additionally, MSI does not only organise gaming tournaments, but gatherings as well where MSI fans and gamers are able to meet to play games, cosplay and have fun.

“We are not just trying to highlight big tournaments such as ESL One, but we want to engage more with the community. So, we approach gamers, campuses and even amateur gaming teams to sponsor them,” she said.

Huang added this will boost and build up the gaming communities here.

At the same time, this is part of its marketing approach as the company wants consumers to relate gaming to MSI.

“We want them to think of MSI when they think of buying any gaming hardware.”

Meanwhile, Huang said the gaming and e-sports industry in Malaysia are booming rapidly and it is probably one of the most profitable countries in the region.

“Both e-sport and gaming are probably doing much better than Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. This is perhaps because Malaysia is just right next to Singapore where most vendors information technology are situated there (Singapore).

“At the same time, it is more economical to invest in Malaysia as the cost is much cheaper here,” she said.

Additionally, in terms of cultural sense, it is easier as the common language is English unlike in Thailand, the common language is Thai.

With that said, MSI has experience a continued growth each year since the company started investing in Malaysia seven years ago.

“Also, we are one of the first gaming hardware brands here and the growth has been steady. However, we are trying different approach as well.

While it is still early in 2018, we have experienced a double growth. Meanwhile, our general yearly growth has been steady from 20% to 50%,” she said.

Huang added based on its report in the last quarter, MSI was at the top with regard to the market share in the gaming hardware industry.