South Korea expects Trump, Kim talks to make progress on nukes


SEOUL • South Korea President Moon Jae-in said he expected a “big step” toward denuclearisation of the peninsula during a unprecedented summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

“Both sides are preparing for this with commitment, and I look forward to a big step being taken during the US-North Korea meeting,” Moon said in Seoul yesterday. Moon was speaking at a gathering to discuss the agenda of his own summit with Kim planned for April 27.

Moon’s remarks came a day after Trump said he expected to meet with Kim in May or early June and that he hoped to reach a deal to dismantle North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme.

The South Korean leader said he understood that the two countries were discussing the time, place and agenda for the summit and that Seoul would review how to share responsibilities with the US.

“I think there will be great respect paid by both parties and hopefully we’ll be able to make a deal on the de-nuking of North Korea,” Trump said. “They’ve said so, we’ve said so, hopefully it’ll be a relationship that’s much different than it’s been for many, many years.”

For South Korea, removing nuclear weapons from the peninsula and striking a deal for “eternal” peace “is what everyone has dreamed of, but hasn’t accomplished yet”, Moon said.

“We’re at the starting line of a long journey toward peace and prosperity on the Korean peninsula,” Moon said.