Home insurance made simple with AXA SmartHome Optimum (Enhanced)

Safeguarding home and valuable contents is now made even simpler with AXA SmartHome Optimum (Enhanced), which provides complete peace of mind with one easy plan.

AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad (AAGI) has launched AXA SmartHome Optimum (Enhanced), which promises a simple way of getting the right protection for both home and valuable contents.

The launch exemplifies AAGI’s commitment to provide complete peace of mind by catering to consumers’ needs and addressing their concerns that buying home insurance can be complicated and frustrating.

With AXA SmartHome Optimum (Enhanced), consumers can now focus on what really matters: identifying what is important to them and getting the right protection.

This one easy plan is designed with options that fit any budget or requirements, whether for landed property, apartment or condominium. It is packed with competitive price, customisable to one’s needs and provides the flexibility for customers to choose. Customers may opt to have Plan A or Plan B or both A & B based on their needs.

Plan A: Houseowner Insurance protects any home or building from loss and damages caused by

• Fire, lightning and flood

• Bursting or overflowing of water tanks or pipes

• Housebreaking or theft

• Loss of rent, cost of temporary accommodation, owner’s liabilities and more.

Plan B: Home Contents Insurance protects all personal and household belongings, including jewellery, furniture, musical instruments and other electrical household appliances.

“A place we call home is a valuable asset in our life. It needs to be safe and protected from any loss or damage that may set us back financially,” said Emmanuel Nivet, Chief Executive Officer of AAGI.

“Every home is different, be it its location, fittings, fixtures or market value. By leveraging on our home insurance proposition, we hope to empower our customers with a plan that is simple yet flexible, and most importantly tailored to their budget and needs,” he added.

Many Malaysians are unaware that for homes still under mortgage, banks only require home owners to purchase Houseowner Insurance to cover the building, and not the home contents. As part of the awareness initiative, AAGI has developed an educational video to explain the types of coverage available so that customers are able to choose the right plan to suit their needs.

In addition to providing maximum protection, AAGI has included 11 additional complimentary benefits for Home Contents Insurance such as: Emergency cash allowance 10 Fraudulent use of credit or ATM card El Fire extinguishment expenses El Fraud or dishonesty of domestic servant and more

To get an estimation of how much of home contents to be insured or calculate the rebuilding cost of home, customers can use the Building Cost Calculator available at www.axa.com.my