Microsoft rides on Malaysia’s positive IT growth


MICROSOFT Corp is poised to gain the upperhand with stronger presence in Malaysia in 2019, riding on the projected positive growth of the information technology (IT) business and cloud computing in the country.

Microsoft Malaysia COO and CMO Michal Golebiewski (picture) said the company has targeted to have a bigger share in IT industry and cloud computing which are expected to record a 5% and 20% growth respectively next year.

“There are still huge opportunities in the Malaysian market where we believe Microsoft can compete with the other players by promoting our cloud application services, as well as addressing the needs of digital transformation from the customers’ perspective,” he told The Malaysian Reserve at the launch of the Surface Book 2 in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya, yesterday.

He added that Microsoft has a broader portfolio of solutions compared to other industry players.

Golebiewski said the company has made it a priority to listen to the customers as its mission is to empower organisations and individuals to achieve better and to be more successful.

“If we have good products but do not listen to the customers’ needs, the products will not be successful. So, that is why it is important to listen to and understand the users.

“It is all about the people and Microsoft is listening to them. At the same time, we also build our products based on our customers’ feedback,” Golebiewski said.

He added since the launch of Surface Pro in Malaysia, Microsoft has been receiving feedback from customers that they were looking for different forms of Windows devices.

As a result, Microsoft has expanded its Surface portfolio with the launch of the Surface Book 2 and the recently launched Surface Laptop.

From Microsoft software and services, Golebiewski said the approach is to regularly update existing services.

“We will not be launching any new products in the near future, but we will be adding new functionality to Office 365, updates for Windows 10 and Azure, our cloud platform,” he said.

Golebiewski said the way consumers use IT and technology has also changed.

“They prefer using services which adopt a subscription model such as Spotify and Netflix. This is also applicable to productivity applications such as Office 365.

“This is the shift now in technology where people do not buy the product or services, but pay monthly subscriptions,” he said.

He added that the subscription model is also much more marketable.

“In the past, consumers will need to buy new versions of the product when there are upgrades or add-ons. Today, consumers will just need to pay their monthly subscription while getting the latest updates and functionalities,” he said.

At the same time, through this model, it would be easier to plan all the IT needs which do not involve heavy investment.

“So, this is the trend which we are talking about and all of our products and services are digital where our consumers can easily download and use them,” he said.

With the launch of the Surface Book 2, Microsoft has also removed the barrier between a conventional desktop and laptop as the product features the latest eigth-generation Intel Core processors and the best graphics performance with the latest NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards.

The Surface Book 2 also features flexibility as users can use four different modes; Studio, Laptop, View and Tablet, by simply detaching the screen.