Appetite for affordable homes satisfied, CEO says

This suggests that there is a healthy demand for affordable housing as far as PR1MA is concerned


THE appetite for affordable homes is being satisfied by an increasing number of development efforts by both the government and private sector.

PR1MA Corp Malaysia CEO Datuk Abdul Mutalib Alias said approximately 1.5 million online applicants have already registered under PR1MA (the 1Malaysia People’s Housing Scheme) alone for various projects nationwide.

“This suggests that there is a healthy demand for affordable housing as far as PR1MA is concerned.

“I have also noticed that the private sector has been aggressively moving towards the affordable segment, which is a good move for the overall sector’s momentum,” he told reporters at the launch of the 2018 Housing Expo unveiling in Selangor yesterday.

Abdul Mutalib said the government’s move to roll out more social housing pro- grammes through various agencies has influenced the private sector to shift their focus towards the affordable housing segment.

“At the end of the day, this provides the people with more choices within the affordability housing segment — particularly the bottom 40% (B40) and middle 40% (M40),” he said.

Abdul Mutalib added that the government has made the right move in pushing the affordable housing agenda forward which had also resulted in the private sector lowering house prices in the free market.

“I think social housing programmes such as PR1MA and many more have created some type of benchmark for the industry to start focusing on.

“Buyers today are given the choice to purchase houses from government-linked agencies or from the private sector,” he said, adding that the lower price points would benefit the public.

As of December 2017, PR1MA’s members of corporation have approved the development of 267,670 units of PR1MA homes nationwide, of which 141,831 are under various stages of construction.

A total of 14,612 units of PR1MA homes have been sold to date, with an estimated gross development value of RM3.2 billion.

Meanwhile, the upcoming 2018 Housing Expo is expected to offer over 100,000 affordable housing nationwide aimed at the B40 and M40 groups nationwide.

The expo is a joint initiative between the Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Ministry, the National Housing Department, PR1MA, Syarikat Perumahan Negara Bhd, 1Malaysia Civil Servants Housing Programme (PPA1M), as well as state government agencies.

Abdul Mutalib said the expo is also in line with the National Housing Policy’s objective in providing adequate, comfortable and affordable housing for the people.

“It is also catapulted by the federal government’s aim to increase the country’s home ownership level, following the implementation of the 11th Malaysia Plan.

“We want to realise the dreams of the targeted group by having a nationwide tour to showcase housing that caters to the needs and wants of the people — tailored specifically in accordance with their affordability range and lifestyle,” he said.

Abdul Mutalib said affordable housing is a high priority for the government, and as such, various federal and state agencies are collaborating to support the government’s aspiration and commitment to deliver affordable houses in the whole country.

Perak will be the first host in the series of expos, which will be held at the Ipoh Convention Centre from March 1-5 this year, followed by other remaining states.

The expo is expected to be completed by the end of April to middle of May.


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