KL Megastructures: TRX as ‘The Best Address’ in KL for business

TRX is more than just a commercial business district occupied by banks and offices


TRX is truly an iconic development in the heart of Kuala Lumpur (KL). Bordering the most prestigious business and commercial district in the country, the 70-acre (28.3ha) project is set to become a leading centre for international finance and business and will put Malaysia on the global map, at par with other financial hubs in the world.

More than just another commercial development, this estimated RM40 billion gross development value project is a strategic enabler to support the government’s Economic Transformation Programme and a catalyst for urban regeneration of KL.

Developed by TRX City Sdn Bhd, this most comprehensive and well-planned project will include prime grade A office space supported by a spectrum of world-class residential, hospitality, retail, leisure and cultural propositions.

Once completed, TRX will boost KL’s and Malaysia’s position as a financial capital, with its seamless business environment, supporting financial services providers, multinational companies (MNCs) and supporting ancillary businesses.

TRX City CEO Datuk Azmar Talib said: “The TRX development is complete where tenants and visitors can enjoy everything within a single business district.”

Never has the country embarked on such a comprehensive and future-proof commercial business district (CBD) in its 61 years of independence.

The Best Address for Business in Malaysia’s Capital

TRX combines sustainability, attractive public domains and great connectivity to create a world-class business district.

TRX is also slated to be KL’s best connected address, with a dedicated mass rapid transit (MRT) station which is going to be the sole interchange station between MRT Line 1 (MRT1) and MRT2 in the city.

Once the TRX development is complete, tenants and visitors can enjoy everything within a single business district.

TRX City believes the TRX development will be KL’s new CBD.

“The Exchange Mall provides a fresh retail concept, al fresco dining possibilities and new-to-market brands.

“There will be a rooftop central park on top of the mall, designed to be a social hub, perfect for open-air concerts, art performances and events,” he added.

Amalgamation of the Best Talents

Much of the TRX’s attraction stands beyond the steel, glass and mortar structure.

TRX’s masterplan has been carefully drafted and thought-out to create a seamless and central business environment for financial services firms, MNCs and supporting firms.

So far, this multibillion financial hub has attracted prominent international and local names in banking and finance, including HSBC Bank Malaysia Bhd, Prudential Assurance Malaysia Bhd and Affin Bank Bhd.

Participation of these financial powerhouse reaffirms the strong appeal of this development to foreign and local investors.

It is expected tens of thousands of the best minds and talents in the financial and business sectors are expected to make TRX their home.

But TRX is more than just a CBD occupied by banks and offices.

“Talents want to work in a place that is fun, vibrant and inspiring, and TRX’s masterplan includes vibrant retail and lifestyle offerings, world-class public realms — which include a central park — and seamless, pedestrian

friendly infrastructure that promotes walking and exploring,” he said.

A Development for the Future

Malaysia’s aspiration to become a financial and business hub goes beyond what it can offer at the moment.

TRX is designed to be the catalyst that is built today and to cater for future needs.

Core to the design plans are all the components which will propel the country higher on the world’s most liveable city.

TRX is the first-ever development in Malaysia to be accorded with a provisional neighbourhood-level Green Building Index (GBI) Township Platinum certification.

Buildings at TRX, such as the Exchange 106 — KL’s current tallest structure — are green-certified.

The financial district also adheres to the highest standard of sustainability — TRX City is partnering with Veolia Water Technology SEA, a global leader in sustainable wastewater management to come up with future-ready water management in the district that will recycle 90% of the district’s wastewater.

The GBI was designed specifically for the TRX as ‘The Best Address’ in KL for businesstropical climate (hot and humid) and the country’s current social, infrastructure and economic development.

GBI’s implementation falls under the larger umbrella framework called the Low Carbon Cities Framework introduced in September 2011.

A green building aims at increasing the efficiency of resource use — energy, water and materials — while reducing building impact on human health and the environment.

The idea of building a green building is now becoming mainstream among the developers in Malaysia. And TRX is at the forefront in the development of such green structures.

Seamless Connectivity

Part of this initiative includes the transportation system. TRX’s infrastructure is planned to meet the needs of the future.

“TRX’s infrastructure is planned to meet the need of the future. With the development of more MRT and light rail transit infrastructure in the city, we foresee more commuters to switch to taking the train,” he added.

The TRX MRT station is designed as the only interchange station between MRT1 and MRT2, positioning TRX as the most integrated transit-oriented developments in KL and the bestconnected address in Malaysia.

There will also be direct road access to major thoroughfares such as Maju Expressway, SMART, Jalan Tun Razak and Jalan Sultan Ismail. The journey from TRX to KL International Airport, one of the most prominent aviaation hubs in the region, is cut to 45 minutes.

Safety and security is also key in ensuring TRX’s success. The developer has created a central command centre to monitor and mitigate potential security risks.

The financial district will also be served with national grid level electricity network to ensure electricity supply resilience.

These are some of the key infrastructure that will transform this development into a global centre of business and finance, putting Malaysia firmly on the global map.

Without a doubt, TRX is future-ready. The combination of great connectivity, sustainability and world-class lifestyle offerings will make this development a singular proposition.