Malaysians prefer brands with CSR programmes, says study

Latest research shows that brands are required to step up in their CSR game, not just in their products


About 92% of Malaysian consumers said businesses have a responsibility to do social good, suggesting that corporate social responsibility (CSR) remains an important consideration for Malaysian brands.

In a new YouGov Omnibus research, it also stated that half of Malaysians (52%) believe businesses have a responsibility to ensure their supply chain does not harm the environment.

Omnibus head Jake Gammon said the latest research shows that brands are required to step up in their CSR game, not just in their products.

“In order to get ahead, brands now have to go beyond simply proving that their given product is a cut above the rest; smart businesses looking to distinguish themselves need to work hard to showcase their values as well,” he said in a statement yesterday.

The study suggested that CSR can be used as a strategy for winning over customers — among the important responsibilities are to prevent environmental damage and forced labour in the companies’ supply chains.

As 52% of Malaysians believe that businesses are responsible at pre- venting the environmental damage incurred in their supply chains, nearly half (48%) of consumers believe that businesses are responsible to ensure that their supply chain is free from damaging practices such as forced labour.

Moreover, 52% Malaysians feel that businesses should assist in upskilling community members.

The study also showed that 73% of consumers would assume a more optimistic impression of a business that gives to charities, even if it is a small amount, while 63% of them would recommend brands that adopt the responsibility.

As a whole, almost six in 10 (or 59%) Malaysians sampled for the study feel that businesses should be doing more to help charities in general.

Meanwhile, 50% of consumers opine that businesses carry the responsibility across the Asia-Pacific region as an average, with the Philippines topping the rank at 63% and Thailand bottoming the rank with 42%.

The sample of the study was collected online from Nov 15-23, 2017, using YouGov’s panel of over five million people globalwide.

The sample is made of 9,000 respondents from nine countries in the Asia-Pacific region, 1,000 each from Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.