AMS appoints world’s 1st chair on sustainable transformation

By TMR / Graphic by TMR

Antwerp Management School (AMS) has unveiled the establishment of the world’s first chair on sustainable transformation and professor of integrated value.

The chair at the Belgian-based university, supported by BASF Antwerp NV, the Port of Antwerp and Randstad Belgium, will be held by Dr Wayne Visser, hailed as a global thought leader in sustainable business and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

AMS dean Paul Matthyssens (graphic) said humans live in times of incredible uncertainty, and managers and leaders must dare to make choices.

“We expect our students to be engaged to not only create added values for their company and its shareholders, but also to create added values for society and the ecosystem, of which they are a part of,” he said in a statement.

Visser’s work as a strategy analyst, sustain- ability advisor, CSR expert, futurist and professional speaker has taken him to 74 countries in the past 30 years, to work with over 150 clients.

“Sustainable transformation and integrated value represent the leading edge of a positive, solutions-driven approach to our global challenges. They recognise that the CSR and sustainable business agenda have shifted to transforming our economic system, rethinking our business models and redesigning our products and services. This is the next industrial revolution,” said Visser.

Port of Antwerp CEO Jacques Vandermeiren said for several years now, the port community has been heading towards a future built around sustainable economic models.

“We are convinced that this transition process contains the elements that will help us find an answer to both the global and local challenges we face today, such as problems surrounding climate change, mobility and digitalisation,” he said.

Visser will be facilitating next to applied research, the establishment of corporate leadership groups, to advance sustainable transformation in the resilience, digital, access, circular and wellbeing economies.

He will also be developing a Masters in sustainable transformation, as well as blended learning and tailored programmes for companies. — TMR