PUNB to disburse RM200m funds in 2018, engages art community

Introducing a new scheme for individuals in performing arts to set up own business


Perbadanan Usahawan Nasional Bhd (PUNB) plans to disburse loans worth RM200 million next year, particularly targeted at entrepreneurs in the halal industry and digital economy.

PUNB chairman Tan Sri Mohd Ali Mohd Rustam said as at Nov 30 this year, PUNB had already approved RM177 million worth of loans to a total of 631 entrepreneurs.

He also said since PUNB’s establishment in 1992, the fund management body has disbursed funds worth RM2.7 billion to 6,616 companies as well as 9,422 entrepreneurs.

Apart from offering various financing schemes such as the SME (small and medium enterprise) scheme and Prosper schemes, namely Prosper Pemborong (wholesale), Prosper Runcit (retail), Prosper Teras (core) and Prosper Usahawan Muda (young entrepreneurs), PUNB is also introducing a new scheme for individuals involved in performing arts to set up their own business.

Mohd Ali said the scheme will enable local artists to generate more income from their business ventures.

“In order to provide better service for the artists, PUNB will also study the international music industry to understand how European and American artists sustain better lifestyles, compared to our local artists, as well as finding out how they can earn such lucrative income,” he said in a briefing between

PUNB and the Music Industry Association of Malaysia (MIM) yesterday.

He added that PUNB will go on a fact-finding mission among the grassroot to work out a mechanism that could assist local artists in their endeavours.

He said the financial scheme will allow artists to take a minimum loan of RM50,000 and a maximum of RM10 million, with PUNB charging 6% from the profits made from the ventures.

He said some 200 artists are expected to take up the loan, and PUNB would be transparent with all the dealings.

“They may join as junior entrepreneurs — aged 33 and below, who can take up a maximum loan of RM100,000, or full-pledge entrepreneurs who are eligible for RM10 million.

“Musicians who are looking to set up their own record label might only be required to invest about RM1 million, but their return on investment could be worth millions,” he added.

Also present during the event were MIM president Rahmad Ayob and deputy president Rahman Mahmood.

Rahmad said through the special financial scheme, it would allow local artists to generate extra income.

“There are many local artists who are trying to set up their own business, but unaware of such opportunities offered by PUNB.

“With this collaboration, we have started this programme that allows more business opportunities for them to take their businesses to the next level,” he said.